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Helping the Physical Store Fight Back Against Online Shopping with Digital Signage Technologies

The advent of the digital customer – mobile, connected, and informed – has transformed how the physical outlet needs to present its products and services, and raised expectations of service.


The control, easy access to information, speed, and convenience of online transactions increasingly shows up the gaps compared to the in-store and in-branch experience.

Shoppers are increasingly taking control of their shopping trips, and are demanding more self-serve facilities – it is often the case that the shopper has already researched the product and knows more than the sales assistant anyway, so where is the value in seeking help from them?

By introducing self-service capability at key touchpoints, combined with the sensible use of digital displays to guide, inform and engage shoppers and using interactive in-store digital signage solutions, the physical store can compete much more effectively against the encroachment of online shopping.

Unfortunately, most of the digital suppliers I’ve come across in recent years just want to sell as many screens as they can, without any real relationship to (and, to be honest, any real understanding of) the in-store customer journey and changing shopper ‘mind-set’.

However, I have now met a few equipment providers who take a more holistic view of the entire shopping trip and the corresponding customer needs and provide complete retail digital signage solutions rather than just products.


These companies provide digital media solutions which measurably improve flow, navigation, and experience in stores, both inside and outside. They provide more engaging communications – digital media is up to 7 times more effective than printed media.

Get in touch and listen to their solutions to speed up service, strengthen branding, increase conversion rates and generate additional revenue, essential ingredients for the store of the future.




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