Wavetec delivers a 30-sec easy, one-stop technological solution to Capital Health Centre for Certificate Collection

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Capital Health Screening Centre (CHSC), Abu Dhabi has partnered with Wavetec to streamline its cumbersome certificate collection process by reducing the certificate collection time to 30 seconds.

Capital Health Screening Centre, UAE specializes in medical screenings for residency visas, occupational health and pensions and benefits.  In order to create a one-stop shop to allow customers to collect their health screening results conveniently, CHSC opted for Wavetec’s customized self-service.

The self-service kiosk prints out health screening certificates when a specific certificate number is entered through the keyboard or scanned by the barcode scanner attached and integrated with the kiosk.

Wavetec designed a made-to-order self-service kiosk according to CHSC’s specific requirements. The kiosk is integrated with the Information System of CHSC, and matches the entered customer ID with the soft copies in the server, and then prints the certificate.

Facing a customer footfall of more than 1000 customers daily, the Screening Centre in Abu Dhabi has successfully dealt with the issue of dealing with a huge majority of customers that visit the Centre to collect their certificates.  Wavetec’s self-service kiosk has automated the process of certificate collection that now takes only 30 seconds to complete from the point where the customer inputs the customer ID to the point where the kiosk prints the certificate.

Wavetec has an extensive history of working with government and private organizations within UAE , namely Emirates Transport, RTA, Abu Dhabi Education Council, Dubai Police, and Emirates ID etc. to provide them with advanced solutions to manage their customer flow effectively.

Prior to this, Wavetec has also worked with CHSC and provided it with an electronic queue management system and an Enterprise Solution. Wavetec delivers customizable and reliable customer experience solutions that are helping organizations worldwide manage their customer flow diligently.

Read the complete case study to understand how the system works in detail.