A new way to queue: Dubai Police redefined waiting experience at police stations with Wavetec’s Customer Visit Management Mobile Application: Mobile-Q

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March 24, 2016
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Dubai police in collaboration with Wavetec rolled out a major application update allowing citizens to get a queuing ticket for any police station, eliminating the need to physically queue.

This new feature is released in the latest 5.0 version of the app which is currently available for iOS users. This new update works in the ‘Police Stations’ mode where the user is able to check total number of customers waiting at any of the police station including the average waiting time. The new release also allows real-time queue updates enabling users to take a ticket before reaching the station.

This queue management mobile application is developed by Wavetec, which has emerged to become a global leader in providing customer experience solutions. Wavetec provided queuing app API’s to Dubai police which was integrated with Wavetec’s queue management systems present at police stations allowing seamless customer experience at all touch points. The Dubai based company announced launch of “Mobile-Q” earlier this year, followed by exclusive launch in Middle East in May 2015.

Rather than physically stand in a line, customers get in line via Mobile-Q, a smartphone app. As influx of smartphones is ever increasing and customers are demanding more streamlined experiences, the mobile queuing application will help organizations overcome problems such as disorganized waiting areas and long waiting lines.

If the customer is no longer available, the app also gives users the functionality to change the time, postpone the ticket or even cancel it.

“This way people can choose to go to the less crowded stations, and so save their time,” Maj Gen Al Mazeina said.

This is an easy-to-use application allowing customer centric companies an innovative alternative to enhance customer experience and increase customer loyalty.  The ‘Police Stations’ feature not only allows users to take an electronic queuing ticket, but also vibrates and sends a notification when your turn comes.

Tobias Bessone Deputy CEO Wavetec said “Our Android and iOS based application aims at bridging the gap between the evolving user and the physical world, allowing them to take the power of queuing in their hands.”

Smartphones are considered to be the best technological advancements in the modern era, transforming how users interact and engage with businesses today. Mobile-Q offers a unique platform through which users can book an appointment and also share service feedback in real-time. This mobile revolution has transformed how people communicate and do business in today’s world. Mobile queuing application is a step further in making customer service areas more organized, engaged and informed.