Spain’s Fastest Growing Retailer Selects Wavetec to manage customers at Deli Counters

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Consum Cooperativa Valenciana is a leading supermarket retailer and the largest cooperative of the Spanish Mediterranean area since 1975. Today it has over 790 stores and 3.5 million customers, all of whom are provided the best of quality, variety, service and price!


In their continued bid to provide their customers the best of service and quality, Consum wanted to record and collect data on waiting and service times, particularly those of walk-away customers. To do so, they sought to install an integrated queuing solution connected with their back-end systems and scales. This would allow them full control of the flow and data, aiding the implementation of improvements to service dispensation.


To abate the above concerns, Consum deployed the following modules:

The goal of these deployments was to allow the monitoring of service performance in real-time, and facilitate the implementation of changes and improvements to this.

The above have been installed in 400 sites, with an estimated 70 more to be added by the end of 2021.

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Customer Journey flow

Clients acquire a ticket for the deli counters from the self service kiosk or from the mobile application, and this secures thema virtual place in the queue for the deli counters. They continue shopping in other sections, checking the signage screens or the mobile application for updates and notifications of when their turn is approaching or being called. They will then approach the deli counter to be served.

Customer Flow


  • No need to physically queue
  • Complete other tasks while waiting
  • Shorter perceived and actual wait times, and fewer walk-aways
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Increase profitability and cut back on operational costs
  • Sustainable electronic ticketing
  • Actionable customer behaviour insights via reporting and dashboards
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  • Case Study Head
    Spain’s Fastest Growing Retailer Selects Wavetec to manage customers at Deli Counters