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Wavetec’s Transforms Customers’ Queuing Experience at M&M Stores, by MARS Group, with UNO-Q

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MARS, a leading retail group, operates a chain of M&M stores across the United States. MARS aimed to optimize their customer queuing experience; this involved increasing service efficiency, reducing wait times, and enhancing customer experience.

To achieve these objectives, MARS Group approached Wavetec, a distinguished global frontrunner in customer experience solutions. Wavetec deployed their UNO-Q system, also known as the Linear Queue System or Call Forwarding Solution, within the premises of 7 major M&M stores in the U.S.

The Challenge

With Wavetec’s support, MARS group aimed to address the following challenges faced by the M&M Stores:

  1. Inefficient Queuing Process
    MARS Group’s conventional queuing system led to lengthy wait times, causing customer frustration and dissatisfaction.
  2. Disorganized Customer Flow
    The lack of a structured queuing system resulted in chaos and confusion during peak hours, leading to potential revenue loss.
  3. Limited Service Efficiency
    The existing system did not provide staff with real-time data, hindering their ability to allocate resources optimally.

The Solution

The primary objective of this project was to streamline and enhance the customer queuing process at checkouts of M&M stores. Wavetec’s UNO-Q solution presented a cutting-edge, call-forward queueing system to address MARS Group’s challenges effectively.

The solution focused on streamlining the customer journey by creating a single-line queue, eliminating multiple queues, and providing customers with a more organized waiting process.


Key Features of UNO-Q Solution

  1. Single-Line Queue: UNO-Q enabled customers to join a single-line queue, ensuring a fair and efficient waiting process.
  2. Real-time Data Insights: The system provided store managers with real-time analytics and performance metrics, enabling better resource allocation and quick decision-making.
  3. Digital Signage: Interactive digital displays informed customers of their queue status, wait time, and service availability.

Customer Journey

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Results Achieved

25,000 – 50,000 customers per day are now managed with Wavetec’s advanced Queue Management Solution.

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The successful deployment of the UNO-Q solution at MARS Group’s M&M stores exemplifies how Wavetec’s top-tier electronic queuing system can transform customer experiences in retail environments.

By implementing a single-line, call-forward queuing system, MARS Group achieved its objectives of increasing service efficiency, decreasing wait times, and elevating customer satisfaction.

The partnership with Wavetec not only improved the customer queuing experience but also positively impacted the business’s bottom line. MARS Group’s adoption of UNO-Q serves as a prime example for other retailers seeking to enhance service delivery and elevate customer satisfaction in their establishments.

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