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UNO-Q’s Implementation at Kohl’s Unlocks Elevated Shopping Experiences



Kohl’s, the largest department store chain in the United States, boasting an impressive 1,165 locations and operating in every U.S. state except Hawaii, has consistently strived to provide an outstanding shopping experience to its customers. 

However, they faced a significant challenge in ensuring a smooth and efficient checkout process. To address this concern, they installed UNO-Q, a call forwarding solution by Wavetec.  

The Challenge

Kohl’s recognized the need to address these concerns and elevate their customer experience at the checkout. The primary issues included:

  • Overcrowded checkout areas and disorganized queues.
  • Chaos and confusion at the checkout during peak shopping hours 
  • Long wait times leading to walkaways 

The Solution

To tackle the aforementioned challenges, Kohl’s partnered strategically with Wavetec, renowned experts in customer experience solutions. Kohl’s implemented Wavetec’s UNO-Q solution, an advanced linear queuing system designed to optimize the retail experience. 

The advanced UNO-Q solution comes with Light tower sensors as well which blinks upon the call to catch the attention of customers. Light tower sensor comes with various features such as Manager’s call , Close and Open indicator of cashier.

Uno Q Light Stand INdicators

Customer Journey

  1. Customers arrive at the checkout area and effortlessly join the queue.
  2. Kohl’s tellers call customers using a console.
  3. An LCD display guides customers to the designated counter, reducing confusion.
  4. A light station at the counter illuminates, indicating customers to approach and complete their transactions.
  5. After checkout, customers can access performance reports, allowing Kohl’s to assess and enhance the customer experience continually.
customer journey with kohls

The Benefits

The implementation of Wavetec’s UNO-Q solution brought about a range of benefits for Kohl’s and its customers:

Enhanced Efficiency: UNO-Q significantly increased service efficiency, reducing wait times and improving the customer queuing system.

Streamlined Operations: The system simplified the queuing process, making it more straightforward for both customers and staff.

Customer Satisfaction: Reduced confusion and shorter waiting times led to a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Decisions: Performance reports allowed Kohl’s to make data-driven decisions, continuously improving their retail operations.

kohls counter

The Way Forward

By implementing UNO-Q, Kohl’s transformed its retail operations, ensuring a smoother, more efficient, and satisfying customer journey. The success of this installation proves Wavetec’s capability to transform the retail experience across the U.S.

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