LINK and Wavetec take on retail responsibility with WhatsApp Queuing

LINK Sportswear


LINK is a sportswear discount pop-up store concept operating in major shopping malls in Singapore. They also organize multiple large-warehouse sales events throughout the year.

LINK Sportswear


Due to COVID-19, the government was not allowing LINK to host any sales event without an adequate queue management system in place to keep check on the occupancy limits of the store. LINK needed a solution that would allow them to keep on operating and continuing to serve clients.


LINK contacted IRMCS (Wavetec’s distributor in Singapore) who has worked with their team on POS systems, to provide virtual queue management and occupancy control solutions for their events. IRMCS specializes in the distribution, implementation and support of Retail and Queue Management Systems. They are committed to helping businesses enhance customer experience in the digital age, and become a Wavetec partner in 2020.


In response to their voiced concerns, Wavetec offered LINK the following visitor management solutions:

Customer Journey Flow

Typical customer journeys for the above mentioned solutions flow as follows.

Appointment Flow

Customers book an appointment by scanning a QR Code on Link’s Social Media. The QR code leads to the website created for LINK. After filling in their information on the website, the customers book their appointment for the slot they selected and receive an email confirming the appointment.

At the time of the appointment, the customer checks-in for their appointment via a website on their cell phones.

After checking in, their ticket appears on the Lobby Leader Application as an Appointment Ticket along with the number of people accompanying the ticket (A002 for example). When the Lobby Leader sees that there is capacity within the store to let people in (149/150 for example). He will call the ticket holder to enter the store.


  • No time wasted queuing
  • Both customer and staff are informed of the impending arrival, and can plan accordingly
  • Virtual and Covid-safe appointment booking system
LINK Sportswear
LINK Sportswear
LINK Sportswear

Virtual Queueing Flow

Customers walk-up to a poster and scan the QR Code displayed on it to take a ticket. This opens a website page for Link. After filling in their information on the website, the customers take a ticket and select the option to be notified via WhatsApp message. The ticket will appear on the Lobby Leader Application as a customer waiting ticket along with the number of people associated with the ticket (W002 for example). The Lobby Leader will call upon the ticket once the Lobby Leader sees that there is capacity within the store.


  • Reduce customer wait times
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Increase customer and staff safety
  • Abide by SOPs and occupancy limits
  • Increase sales and profits, while cutting down on operational costs
LINK Sportswear

Feedback Flow

By the exit of the store, another poster is placed with a scannable QR Code that is for customers to provide their feedback. Customers can scan the QR Code, open their WhatsApp Chat and provide feedback on their experience at Link.


  • Acquire a direct line of communication with the customer
  • Act in real-time on customer feedback concerns
  • Make the customer feel valued and important

Client Feedback

Our first roadshow with LINK was a success! And they found Wavetec solutions to be seamless and user friendly, and we look forward to hosting more with them once lockdown ends.

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