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Insights from “WhatsApp Queuing Powers 3Million+ Safer Customer Journeys at Banorte” webinar


Banorte bank branches deployed Wavetec WhatsApp Queuing software to digitally onboard customers in a safe and Covid19 friendly way. They saw meteoric success in effectively managing queuing and customer journey flows.

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The result was a satisfied modern business and an optimized digital customer experience.

Speakers Docket

Hector Abrego 

As Deputy CEO of Physical Channels, at Banorte, Hector has spent 30 years as a banker. He is a lover of innovation.

Tobias Bessone 

As the Deputy CEO of Wavetec Group, Tobias has spent 15 years as a customer experience specialist, and is well-versed in queue management technological developments.

Dominic Hirsch

Our host and moderator is the Managing Director at RBR.

Key Takeaways

The Bank Branch is Here to Stay

Though digital channels are gaining ground with a wider customer base, physical interactions are just as important. People need to be able to trust where they choose to place their money, and face-to-face interactions are the most preferred means of doing this.

Covid19 Precipitated the Need for Better Management Practices 

Customer care standards and operational softwares were languishing before the pandemic hit. With the onset of Covid19 and lockdowns, businesses began to take service delivery channels, and their digitization more seriously.

Safety became a top priority as did virtual and remote queuing softwares and hardwares. Appointment scheduling and booking was a priority and occupancy limits had to be adhered to.

Dashboards and Analytical Reporting is on the Rise 

Collecting data from and about queues, visitor traffic, peak hours, teller performance, etc. is essential to help generate reports. These in turn help make more data-driven business decisions, plan and predict for customer footfall and manage and monitor operations more effectively.

Wavetec’s Spectra dashboards and reporting software features centralized control, integrations and seamless collection and generation that allow you to stay a step ahead of the competition.

WhatsApp Queuing is the Solution for the Times 

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Wavetec pioneered WhatsApp Queuing is an enterprise solution that features integration with the world’s most popular messaging application. Born out of necessity, this solution was disruptive and unique. The system is user-friendly, dynamic and ensures socially distanced communication and time optimization for both customers and staff.

Its installation is quick. Even aged, non-digital customers can be onboarded with ease, as it uses popular QR codes to launch the chat in the app. The real-time notifications that clients receive as they queue allows them to complete other chores in the meantime, have full information regarding estimated waiting times and wait remotely.

The result for Banorte was an increase in Net Promoter Scores by 10 points and an 80% onboarding rate.

Banorte has Always Been Ahead of the Curve

While most banks do have queuing systems in place, they are not integrated with their existing system. So when the pandemic hit, Banorte was prepared and had only to move queues outside to adhere to occupancy limits, enable virtual and remote WhatsApp Queuing and continue with business as usual.


The Future is One of Innovative Caution, Self Service and Digitization

The branch is shaping up to be more than a transactional centre, as client-business interactions and relationships move to top priority status. There is a need to integrate digital and physical channels seamlessly, while making room for personalization and the much needed human touch.

Self service solutions too are gaining ground, alongside security measures like fingerprint biometrics and facial recognition. Technological advancements like machine learning and means of data collection and analysis are also being explored.

For an organization to be successful, they must be agile as Banorte has proven to be. They must be able to deal with issues, developments and policies with a spirit of adaptability, understanding and customer-relationship prioritization.



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