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How Our Products are Transforming Service Delivery Globally

Azimut has a global presence with its network of kiosks spanning across the continents. Let’s take a look at how some of our products are being used by clients for transforming service delivery in different corners of the world.


Cable & Wireless 

Cable & Wireless Seychelles is the leading telecommunications company in the country. Having started out by establishing the first global connection in Seychelles in 1893, to becoming the national provider of choice, today, CWS facilitates businesses, homes, and individuals with state-of-the-art communication solutions.

Cable & Wireless was looking for an upgrade to their existing self-service kiosks which had a number of limitations including but not limited to high operating costs, limited capabilities, and operational complexity.

cable and wireless sim kiosk

CWS chose SIMVEND, our smart SIM dispensing solution to help resolve all the problems they were facing with their existing self-service deployment. They deployed over 40 SIMVEND kiosks across 30+ locations all over Seychelles.

With our Telecom Self Service Solution, Cable & Wireless was able to address all operational challenges while introducing new services and being available 24/7 at convenient locations for their customers.

South Asia

Bank Alfalah

Bank Alfalah is one of the largest private banks in Pakistan with a network of over 700 branches across more than 200 cities in the country and with a presence in other South Asian countries as well.

Like other traditional banks, Bank Alfalah faced issues related to cash management and limited operating hours. More specifically, the bank struggled with the heavy flow of cash in circulation and sought a solution to automate cash handling that is otherwise done by tellers.

The bank also wanted to offer more services outside of standard branch hours via a digital channel to diversify service delivery and offer a more omnichannel experience.

To address their concerns and add to their network of customer service points, Bank Alfalah chose Azimut’s bulk cash deposit solution, CQuick. CQuick is a modular cash-in kiosk perfect for banks with its large escrow and multimodal biometrics offering bank-grade security.

bank alfalah azimut smart branch self service

Bank Alfalah deployed over 190 kiosks in 190+ locations across Pakistan enabling easy and quick deposits and also a whole slew of additional services such as mobile wallet services, bill payments, and integration with mobile apps.

cquick cash deposit kiosk azimut

The bank saw a significant increase in self-service transactions and a reduction in operational costs plus average customer service time.

Central Asia


KCell is a Cellular Communication Operator in Kazakhstan and provides telecommunications services to corporations under the KCell name and to customers under the Activ brand.

Kazakhtelecom, the parent company of KCell, is the largest telecom service provider in Kazakhstan and they wanted to pioneer the self service revolution in Kazakhstan. They also faced the challenge of lockdowns caused by the pandemic and saw this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

activ kcell sim dispensing kiosk azimut

KCell opted for our smart SIM dispensing solution, SIMVEND to automate the delivery of the following services:

  • SIM Replacement
  • Mobile Top-Up
  • New SIM Purchase
  • eSIM Issuance

Beyond these services, SIMVEND is capable of facilitating bill payments, mobile money transfers, digital wallet top-ups, and so on.

KCell deployed 5 kiosks in 5 locations across Kazakhstan as a pilot run of self-service technology in the region.

Azimut Self Service

Azimut can help your business in future-proofing service delivery and digitizing operations with its extensive catalog of self-service products and years of expertise in the industry. Being a pioneer in the self-service movement, Azimut’s team members are skilled and can help you tailor the perfect solution for your use case, providing a complete hardware and software solution.



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