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Strategies for an Effective Lobby Management System

This blog highlights the benefits of a lobby management system for an organization and its contribution to improving customer service.

Futuristic enterprises are investing in customer flow management by enabling scalable floor operations. A highly advanced tech approach benefits the organization with greater revenue growth and increased customer satisfaction.

One of the most chaotic areas organizations have to deal with is a customer waiting area or a lobby. There are some specific time slots of the day when institutes deal with more than the usual number of customers in a branch. And in the absence of a lobby management system, the rush hours will only result in increased customer irritation.

How Does Lobby Management Contribute to Better Staff Productivity?

Staff performance is highly dependent on the duration it takes to serve a single customer. If it takes longer than usual to serve each customer, it will indicate that the hotel management system requires optimization. Therefore, with the help of visitor flow management software, customer experience in a hotel is taking a new shift.
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Similarly, with a lobby management system, customers check in as they arrive at the venue. It requires them to mention their name, details, and the purpose of their visit. As the staff receives the notification of the customer details, they prepare for the services accordingly. This process smoothens the customer flow at a hotel while making the customer journey hassle-free for the visitor.

As a result, the average assist time of customers reduces, and staff productivity increases. The queuing solution enables the staff members to manage peak hours efficiently. Waiting for customers in the hotel lobby are assigned to the respective counters where the staff representative assures to deliver satisfactory customer service.

In addition to it, online appointments and booking of a visit let the visitor perform self-check-in with self-service kiosks present at the entrance. Along with that, the dedicated service representative receives the notification of the customer’s check-in at the hotel and prepares for the service delivery. Thus, the visitor management solution efficiently maintains the customer flow at the branch.

Turn to Fully Integrated Queue Management Systems

Strike efficient customer flow with a queue management system integrated with the appointment and booking software. The virtual queue management system uses smartphones and tablet screens to manage multiple queues in branches effectively. The system saves the organization from the hassle of rush hours and customer service delays.
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The waiting customers in the lobby desire to get served first. In the absence of an automated queue management system, it gets a lot more difficult to make a customer understand the queuing system. Therefore, to deliver an above-the-par customer experience, it is important to fulfill the customers’ needs timely.

To achieve that, organizations must streamline a customer’s journey with the help of implementing a booking and queuing system. Moreover, the queuing system provides the ability to serve more customers with a reduced wait time and allows hotel managers to improve operational efficiency.

Reasons Organizations Choose Lobby Management

Lobby management is essential when it comes to improving the service management system. In addition to the enhancements in customer experience, lobby management assists an organization in the following as well:
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1. Simple Process:

The lobby management system is easy to use for all the employees. With its help, the staff members know the details of the customer in waiting, including the purpose of their visit.

2. Secure System:

Customers can check in online or with the use of the self-service kiosk. The employee receives a customer’s data securely and proceeds with its services.

3. Analytics:

With the advanced visitor management system, it is now possible to track the progress of staff representatives and customers as well. The exportable data covers customer wait times, service duration, customer satisfaction, daily traffic, etc.

4. Alerts and Notifications:

When a customer checks in, the alerts and notifications help the employees know about the arrival of the customer. With the information, the service representative can prepare for the services required by each customer.

5. Online Appointment Booking:

Visitors can book their hotel rooms from the comfort of their homes. Online booking reduces the traffic in a hospital and hotel and makes it easier for the management to allocate the right resources for the customers.

6. Cloud or On-Premise:

Queue management or the visitor management system has nothing to purchase or install; it is available on the cloud premise. For greater control, an on-premise license can be purchased.

Frequently Asked Question

What features should I look for in a lobby management system?

When choosing a lobby management system, consider features such as appointment scheduling, visitor check-in/check-out, self-service kiosks, real-time notifications, visitor identification and verification, queue management, integration with other systems (e.g., access control, CRM), reporting and analytics, and customization options to align with your specific business needs.

Can a lobby management system integrate with other systems?

Yes, many lobby management systems offer integration capabilities with other systems, such as access control, customer relationship management (CRM), employee directories, or communication platforms. The integration allows for seamless data exchange, streamlining processes, and providing a holistic view of visitor interactions across various touchpoints.

Is a lobby management system suitable for all types of businesses?

Yes, a lobby management system can be beneficial for various industries and businesses, including but not limited to corporate offices, healthcare facilities, government institutions, educational institutions, hotels, banks, and retail stores. Any organization that deals with a significant number of visitors or requires efficient visitor management can benefit from implementing a lobby management system.


Lobby management is a modern tool for companies that are eager to manage customer wait times and traffic during peak hours, improve service levels, and streamline queues. Also, it offers greater support to receive customer feedback and instantly resolve customer complaints.

Choose a lobby management system if your organization is hunting for a solution to streamline the customer check-in experience. And increase the security of customers’ confidential data with the lobby management system as well.




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