Wavetec launches a new website & modernized brand identity

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May 28, 2015
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Through years, Wavetec’s global footprint has expanded exponentially with 9 regional offices in 4 continents. We take pride as being the leading global manufacturer and integrator of over 12,000 queuing systems and financial market displays in over 25 stock and commodity exchanges.

At Wavetec integrity and transparency are the key principles which drive our corporate governance. Our systems are structured in accordance of ISO 9001:2008 and KPMG with products certified by CE and FCC and internal processes managed through SAP. At Wavetec we engage with our customers across each innovation lifecycle to ensure improved customer experience and customer care.

Striving for continuous and fluent share of information with our stakeholders, Wavetec has modernized its logo and launched a very comprehensive website aligned with our main corporate pillars-Innovation, Customer Care and Global Reach.

This change aligns itself with what Wavetec is, and what it strives to deliver. Our essence is constant innovation based on the belief that it is the only way to deliver customer delight.

 Renovating our identified label: our logo


The essence of Wavetec’s brand identity refers to a simple idea inspired by our brand’s model: the simplicity of our solutions. The geometric relationship expressed in our new logo represents a summary between technology and the customer. The adaptability of such concepts is reflected in the brand’s strength, which is represented as a monogram with curved geometry and small letters, portraying a sensible lifestyle towards the human factor.  The use of the blue colour reflects strength, confidence, power, clarity and dynamism.

New website, new experiences

In order to provide insightful industry content and share our experience and leadership in customer experience solutions and financial market displays, we launched a new, user-friendly and interactive website. This new platform allows visitors to explore our two main business units: Customer Experience Solutions and Financial market Displays, that offer an extensive product portfolio tailored to each industry: Banking, Retail, Public Sector, Educational and Healthcare institutions, Financial Market, among others.

Moreover, users get a closer look at Wavetec’s solutions, its employees, innovative design approach, and commitment to customer care and vision to expand globally to new heights.

Organizations and industry professionals can also access useful resources in Media Centre such as whitepapers, infographics, case studies, opinion articles and, press releases and information about Wavetec’s projects and installations.

We invite you to share your thoughts and comments about our new Website and Wavetec’s new brand logo identity on social networks: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook.