Wavetec’s Donatello Vertica is a step forward to enhance digital signage experience

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June 23, 2015
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July 16, 2015

Realizing the demand for a sophisticated, interactive communication technology, Wavetec has introduced Donatello Vertica, a large HD format signage display which is powered by Donatello Digital Signage Player

With a sleek black finish, and an impressive design, the Donatello Vertica adds elegance to retail spaces, and instantly entices customers to interact with it. This customizable digital signage solution allows clients to opt for diverse template designs to present the right information at the right time.

Donatello Vertica is ideal for corporations that are on the lookout for modern methods of engaging their customers, interacting with them through targeted messages, and elevating their brand image in extremely cluttered retail environments.

Market statistics on adoption and effectiveness of digital signage show that the total digital signage market is expected to reach $23.76 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 8.18 percent between 2015 and 2020.

Installing Donatello Vertica means customers can place their trust in Wavetec and its robust customer experience solutions. Designed with a futuristic perspective, the Donatello Vertica is an innovative visual solution, perfectly fit for almost any application from the largest venues or public places to offices and smaller retail areas.

The free standing digital signage Vertica comes with outstanding clarity, and motion to cater to specialized targeting needs of customers with up-close, impactful video and static ads. Retail industries can use Donatello Vertica to advertise about promotions, discounts, and latest product innovations, while corporates can use it to play corporate videos, highlights, and promotional material to keep their customers and employees updated.

The elegant and slim Vertica can be linked to social media feeds to keep the signage content fresh to engage customers on the go. Intrinsically, the Donatello Vertica, with its customizable content designs, is fit for a variety of industries; it is perfect for flight timetables, event schedules, corporate statistics, waitlists, menu board pricing, etc.

The Donatello Vertica can be easily managed via Wavetec’s powerful content management console/ digital signage software on the cloud, which allows centralized management of the content displayed on the Vertica. Also, the Vertica can be integrated with Wavetec’s queue management system, enabling organizations to place the Vertica in their waiting areas to inform customers of their turn, and engage them informative and engaging content while their wait to be served. Hence the Donatello Vertica can play a prime role in increasing brand awareness and maximizing in-store sales.

Wavetec, a multinational technology company, has a global reputation for innovative customer experience solutions, and reliable customer care.  With innovation at its heart, expertise in customizable solutions, and a broad display portfolio, Wavetec is geared up to create interactive visual experiences for its customers while tapping into the burgeoning digital signage industry.

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