Wavetec actively participated and won innovation competition at the Design Thinker Business Workshop

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May 25, 2015
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June 23, 2015

Wavetec was an important part of the Design Thinker Business Workshop that was organized on April 29th, 2015 by Dubai SME.This workshop is in line with National Innovation Strategy that aims to make UAE one of the most innovative nations in the world by 2020. Dubai SME additionally organizes Dubai SME 100, a prestigious forum that rank Dubai’s 100 top performing SMEs where Wavetec ranked second in 2013.

In line with this strategy, Biz-Group Consulting devised the Design Thinking Workshop for UAE’s top-ranking small and medium enterprises to encourage creative thinking and challenge them to come up with unique solutions to specific business challenges. Design Thinking is a refined methodology for creative resolution of problems to achieve extraordinary results that was made popular by IDEO, a worldwide innovation and design agency.

The Design Thinker Business Workshop gathered innovative companies from diverse industries in UAE for a healthy competition, and formed several groups in which concepts were developed, practices were shared, and case studies were created at different stages, based on the design thinking methodology.

DT workshop 1

Wavetec, a multinational technology firm, won an innovation competition at the Design Thinker Business Workshop with the fundamental contribution and expertise of: Tobías Bessone- Wavetec Deputy CEO, Salman Arif, Marketing Strategist and Diego Aravena, Brand Manager, who represented Wavetec at the wokshop. 

The Design Thinking methodology is gradually gaining ground and being considered significant for accelerating the innovation process of corporations. Nonetheless, the design thinking approach is not new for Wavetec, as it streamlines the development of innovative solutions to improve customer experience in the service areas; prioritizes business adaptation and the company’s strategies to meet clients’ needs.

Wavetec, a leading company with its headquarters in Dubai, has developed a design scheme to redefine innovation in the services areas, while integrating the experience provided by important professionals in design, anthropology, technology, and point of sale areas, who provide valuable insights in development, implementation and scalability of innovative proposals.

The content of the Design Thinker Business Workshop was proposed by IDEO Consulting and created by Tim Brown, who conceived and developed the Design Thinking philosophy. The workshop imparted pragmatic knowledge and stimulated mutual exchange between the companies, to allow innovation to inspire and influence routine business decisions.