‘Consum’ – Spain’s Fastest Growing Retailer Selects Wavetec Queue Management Enterprise Solution

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October 3, 2018
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Enhancing in-store customer experience and driving operational efficiency

Consum promises to deliver high-quality services to each customer. To achieve this objective, the organization went a step higher with a Digital Transformation. Research has shown that 27% of the customers abandon their carts due to long check-out process.  Not only that, but it is also proven that an improved customer experience increases the amount spent on shopping. Therefore, customer satisfaction is the key to achieve organizational growth.

Wavetec’s Customer Experience Solutions have helped Consum:

  • Reduce customer waiting time
  • Measure and reduce walk-away caused by long queues
  • Improve efficiency through staff planning
  • Decrease idle time by reducing the time between transactions
  • Increase profitability, allowing customers to continue shopping while waiting

The project is already in the roll-out phase with 50 stores operational. The goal is to deploy Spectra solution (Wavetec´s enterprise platform) across Consum’s 500 retail stores in the next 2 years. Spectra platform comprises of Wavetec’s ticketing Queue Management System, Mobile Queuing and Integration of Web TSU API with Client’s scales, providing live Dashboard and reporting tools.

Spectra allows Consum to constantly monitor, measure and analyze customers waiting in the queues, their average waiting time and time spent on servicing each customer. A Live Dashboard, offering all the essential KPIs, ensures that management is well-informed and ready to make quick decisions.

Management of Consum can access real-time business intelligence reports through a centralized reporting system, extracting comprehensive insights in terms of customer flows, staff performance and service area efficiency. Moreover, Wavetec’s live reports are used by the Consum management to comprehend daily footfall in deli counters and the extracted data is then used to perform analysis as well as foresee future traffic in high performing retail outlets.

Spectra also features teller reports that allow management to easily measure employee productivity with contrast to the customer inflow. Since every retail outlet is linked with the Central Network, short-fall of active counters will immediately prompt the central team unit to send additional workforce on the outlet. Not only does this ensure an efficient allocation of resources, but also greatly reduces walkaways. All of these actions are performed in real-time through Spectra Dashboard.

The project is in collaboration with ITAB, a leading supplier of retail solutions and Wavetec´s strategic partner for the retail sector, allowing the most cost-efficient solution and high-quality local support services for Consum.

Consum has one of the highest market shares in the distribution sector of Spain. Part of the reason for this success involves consistent growth embedded in Consum’s philosophy. The retail giant does so through a commercial network operating over 680 supermarkets. Wavetec assisted Consum in enhancing and maintaining this level of quality service through state-of-the-art Queue Management Systems.