A.A Bin Hindi-EEMD Installs Wavetec Queue Management Solutions for IKEA Bahrain

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October 10, 2018
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November 19, 2018

Recently opened, IKEA Bahrain expected a large customer inflow coming in from different parts of Manama. To satisfy the diverse customer needs, IKEA has installed Wavetec’s latest Customer Experience Solutions in the new retail outlet.

Executed by A.A Bin Hindi’s Enterprise Electro-Mechanical Division (EEMD), IKEA has streamlined its Customer Service Area with Electronic Queue Management System, Checkout Area with Linear Queueing System and placed people counting systems to measure daily footfall.

Wavetec is a global leader in Customer Experience Solutions providing state-of-the-art Electronic Queue Management Systems to some of the most recognized names in banking, retail, healthcare and telecom industries.  A. A Bin Hindi (EEMD) has partnered with Wavetec to cater and manage Bahrain’s Customer Experience Solution market.

IKEA has launched a new store in Bahrain using the latest QMS technologies to achieve operational efficiency. These systems have allowed IKEA to manage their customer flow and ensure efficient allocation of resources in the workflow.

A. A Bin Hindi – EEMD enjoys a large market share in the Kingdom of Bahrain providing solutions in IT and Visualization in association with Wavetec.