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Why Choose WhatsApp Marketing ?

In this blog: Let’s take a look at how WhatsApp marketing has upset traditional marketing channels and why its been so successful in doing so.

Everyone knows and loves WhatsApp as a messaging app but would you have ever considered it a marketing platform? Yes, that’s right, WhatsApp has become one of the most disruptive channels within the marketing sphere.

Largest Active Audience

It’s easy to understand why when you compare it to the likes of text message and email marketing. WhatsApp has a user base of 2.78 billion active monthly unique users. This may not seem impressive compared to email’s 4.48 billion users but email has been around for nearly 5 decades where WhatsApp was introduced only 13 years ago.

Statistically Superior

It gets even clearer when we compare some basic stats like open rate and CTR. Email is an old and saturated medium for marketing. There’s a lot of spam, promotional messages, social notifications that are sent via email and people barely ever open these emails. So, when an actually relevant marketing email drops in your inbox, there’s a very high likelihood you’ll never open it.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is a completely different platform from email. Since its so young as a marketing channel, there’s no spam or unwanted communication and even if there is its painfully easy to block on WhatsApp. The open rate for email marketing campaigns is 21% on average whereas WhatsApp has a whopping 98% open rate.

This is why WhatsApp is ideal for time sensitive promotional messages or push notifications because you can count on users to open and see the message 98% of the time.

Highest Engagement

Another shocking metric is CTR or click through rate when comparing WhatsApp and email for marketing. A good CTR result for an email campaign would be anything above 3% which means that 3 out of 100 people that opened the email clicked on CTAs in the email. WhatsApp marketing campaigns yield CTRs between 45-60%.

engaging customers with whatsapp

This tells us that up to 60% of people that open WhatsApp marketing messages take some action towards the message. WhatsApp marketing has the highest conversion rates of any communication channel which makes it an absolute no brainer for companies that frequently need to send their customers interactive push notifications.

Cheaper Than SMS

Another huge benefit that WhatsApp marketing presents over conventional channels like SMS marketing is how cheap it is for businesses that have customers all over the globe. If your business has an international customer base and you want to send them text message updates it can cost a lot because outgoing international text messages can be very expensive.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is free to a certain extent and even when you have to pay its the same minimal rate per message no matter the location of the recipient. Multinational companies can really benefit from something like this and it also helps that WhatsApp is a far more engaging marketing channel compared to SMS.

CRM Integration with WhatsApp

The thing about WhatsApp marketing is that these exchanges still feel like a one on one interaction from the customer’s perspective because that’s what WhatsApp is, an instant messaging app for quick one on one communication.

It feels like a one on one, but in reality WhatsApp business APIs enable organisations to connect their existing CRM to WhatsApp so that the two can work seamlessly together and manage a large number of customer conversations at the same time. Companies can also run mass marketing WhatsApp campaigns straight from their CRM this way.

whatsapp business api integration

CRM integration also helps set up automated sessions that run customers through simple workflows with multiple choice options. This can be applied to sell products, record feedback, answer queries and so on.

The possibilities with WhatsApp are endless and there’s use cases for nearly every industry and business out there. WhatsApp is slowly going to become an integral part of every business’s communication & marketing strategy to reach and engage with their stakeholders.

Wavetec WhatsApp Solutions

Wavetec, a pioneer in WhatsApp solutions for business with products like WhatsApp Appointments & Queuing, now introduces WhatsApp Marketing Conversations as a new channel for businesses to market to their customers in the most engaging and interactive way possible. Talk to our sales people today to configure the perfect WhatsApp solution for your use case.


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