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Managing Queues for Self Service Kiosk System

Queuing up is inevitable for people living in a civilized society, from waiting in line at the retail store to standing in line for the latest Apple release. It’s something we’ve all experienced and often not enjoyed at all. This is where the self-service kiosks enter with self-service queue management.

Customer flow management software like self-service queue management has revolutionized the customer experience in various industries, from retail to government, banking, education, and healthcare. These kiosks allow customers to complete tasks such as ordering food, checking in for appointments, or purchasing tickets with minimum or no human interaction. For businesses, it is critical to manage the queue kiosks to ensure a positive and hassle-free customer experience.

Imagine walking into a busy DMV facility and being welcomed by a wave of masses waiting in line to resolve their queries. What if instead of standing in that long line, you could simply walk up to a queue kiosk and complete the check-in process in minutes without any roadblocks? This is the true potential behind the queue management of self-service kiosks and effective queue management that facilities must ensure to turn the frustrating journey of their customer into a quick and smooth process. 

By queue management of a self-service kiosk, you can streamline your customer experience, reduce operation costs, and improves brand loyalty. But how do you manage these queues efficiently?

This blog will explore the ins and outs of queue management at self-service kiosks. We’ll dive into the technology behind customer flow management softwares and how they work. Let’s discuss all key aspects in detail

How does a queue build-up while a self-service kiosk is in place?

Introducing self-service kiosks into a business model is intended to reduce customer frustration. However, even using self-service kiosks, queues can still build up and block the entire flow of customers. Below are some of the top reasons that may cause queue kiosks to build up.

A limited number of Kiosks

One of the top reasons queues can form at self-service kiosks is the limited number of kiosks deployed at the customer-facing facility. For instance, if a busy airport like Heathrow International only has a handful of self-service kiosks available for check-in, it’s easy to find out why queues are building up. In such a scenario, customers may feel frustrated, leading to a negative CX.

Outdated software/hardware

Another reason queues can build up is due to inappropriate software or hardware. This can be due to a lack of UI testing or poor interface design. For instance, if the software doesn’t respond quickly, is too complicated to navigate, or has a confusing interface, it can lead to delays in service. Similarly, if the hardware is outdated, prone to breaking down, or unable to handle high volumes of requests, it can lead to frequent delays.

Lack of customer awareness

Sometimes, queues can form due to a lack of customer awareness. For example, if customers are unaware of the self-service kiosks available, they may continue to queue up for traditional services. This can be prevented by increasing awareness through clear signage or step-by-step directions to make the customer journey hassle-free and seamless.

Technical Glitches

Like any technology, self-service kiosks are prone to glitches and errors. If a kiosk breaks down or experiences technical difficulties in the middle of busy and rush hours, it can cause queue kiosks to build up quickly. This can frustrate customers, especially if no staff members are accessible to address the technical issue.

Insufficient staffing

Finally, queues can form at self-service kiosks due to insufficient staffing. Not enough staff members to manage the kiosks and assist customers can lead to long queues and frustration.

Features of a Queuing Software 

Wavetec offers a range of queue management solutions to organizations’ diverse issues. Our robust queue management software facilitates a seamless customer journey by providing solutions ranging from Linear and Virtual queuing systems to appointment booking options and a more sophisticated method like a queue management mobile app and WhatsApp queue management. By integrating with digital signage and customer feedback solutions, our queuing solutions deliver promising customer experiences.

Wavetec has built its experience solutions for diverse industries, allowing you to adapt smoothly and transform your service area for success. Our solutions have helped businesses succeed by ensuring

  • Reduction in customer waiting times by 35%
  • Reduction in operational costs by 30%
  • Increase in self-service transactions by 15%
  • Increase in customer satisfaction by 23%

Wavetec’s queue management solutions enable AI-driven data gathering and reporting, allowing you to understand customer flow and staff performance better. This enables you to efficiently utilize working hours to cater to more clients while reducing queue wait times.

By revamping and streamlining outdated processes, Wavetec solutions improve service and operational efficiency, which leads to an enhanced CX.

Features of an effective self-service kiosk that does not end up in long queues

Wavetec’s Self-Service Kiosk ECO System is designed to transform businesses with the help of technology and state-of-the-art operational capabilities. With everything you need to secure new opportunity roads for your organization to embrace digitization, our Self Service Kiosk Ecosystem enables you to connect more deeply with consumers and deliver an omnichannel experience. Our rich client base around the globe is harnessing the power of data and AI to capitalize on modern digital technology.

Wavetec’s Self Service Kiosk Ecosystem is divided into categories, including Self Service Kiosks for Banking & Cash deposit machines and Self Service Kiosks for Telecom.

Financial institutions can adopt a customer flow management system that integrates with self-service kiosks, providing services like account opening, instant card issuance, cash, and cheque deposit. Meanwhile, Wavetec’s SIM Dispensing Kiosk supports customers in registering for a new SIM card, topping-up mobile balance, or changing mobile package plans efficiently and remotely.

Wavetec’s Self Service Kiosk Ecosystem also supports seamless integration with ViaOS to help integrate the existing and deployed systems with real-time dashboards, business intelligence solutions, and advanced software features that can simplify the entire process.

Wavetec’s solutions can seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and back-end systems. Our hardware and application can be customized to tailor your requirements with operational capability and high-end reliability to ensure 24/7 customer service.

Wavetec’s Kiosk Hardware and Software 

Wavetec’s kiosk hardware and software solutions are designed to cater to a diverse range of industries, providing a seamless customer journey. Wavetec offers a range of customizable kiosk hardware solutions designed to meet each industry’s specific needs. It includes:

  • Ticket Dispenser –  To provide customers with a physical ticket for queue management. A ticket dispenser is ideal for businesses with high customer footfall, such as banks, hospitals, and government institutions.
  • Digital Displays – To provide customers access to required information and services such as product information, queue directions, waiting list status, and self-service options. It is ideal for retail stores, banking sectors, and other public facilities like DMV.
  • Payment Kiosk – To allow customers to pay for goods and services without human interaction. It is ideal for businesses such as parking lots, hospitals, cash-and-carry stores, drive-throughs, etc.
  • Enterprise Solutions – All-in-one solution with QR scanner and WhatsApp integration for seamless ticketing and queue management at retail stores, healthcare, and government facilities

Similarly, Wavetec’s kiosk software solutions are designed to work seamlessly with high-end hardware solutions, providing a complete end-to-end CX. It includes:

  • Customer Flow Management Software – To enable customers to join a virtual queue, track their waiting times, and receive alerts when it is their turn for service. It also helps businesses track customer flow via live dashboards and make necessary adjustments and amendments to improve the flow of transactions.
  • Appointment Booking System – Solutions like WhatsApp appointment booking enable customers to book appointments for consultations and meetings. It is ideal for businesses such as public departments, hospitals, and education institutes.
  • Digital Signage – To enable businesses to display relevant information, promotions, and advertisements on display screens. It is ideal for retail stores, airports, and public facilities.

Moreover, real-time business intelligence reporting is essential to monitor customer flows, staff performance, and service area efficiency. Wavetec’s kiosk solutions offer a centralized reporting system, giving managers access to real-time reports and dashboards. 

Wavetec’s Spectra live reporting system is integrated with the different facets of the queue management system, providing a comprehensive suite of business intelligence solutions. It enables managers and business leaders to make informed decisions and improve efficiency.


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