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What Motivates to Structure Relentless Waiting Lines?

Initiation requires motivation whereas propagation requires determination. The case of chaotic queuing systems is no different. No sane person would like to rot in waiting lines without a fruitful purpose. Let’s have a look at why queues have become increasingly regular all across the world.

Cheap Products:

A reduction in prices serves as an attractive force in times of excessive inflation. Businesses are sharp enough to delude people, make them compromise their time and energy, and succumb to problematic queuing systems. Check out the queue for €1 microwave ovens.wkQxERt.jpg

Fresh Start-Ups:

The first Mcdonald’s in Moscow triggered hundreds of people to queue. Parallel to this, any fresh initiative in a region which is credible around the world, if coupled with strategic marketing, would be a magnet for huge crowds of people. Although no doubt, Mcdonald’s is worth hours of waiting!ab5ONrL_700b.jpg

Launch of the Favorites:

Be it an intriguing video game, or a critically acclaimed movie, a huge influx of frantic population would surely get their rightful copy of it. The GTA V waiting line speaks it all!RX5naFv.jpgHowever, there are always some indolent ones who choose to not make their desperation public.


Celebrity Autographs:

Much more bothering than the paparazzi are the fans begging for autographs of their beloved celebrities. Long queues with notes and pens sticking out pleading for a queue are a familiar sight for the entertainment industry.


Tourist Spots:

Whether it is the scorching heat of the Middle East or the hustle of the USA, people would never mind the never-ending queues of the frenzied Atlantis and the magical Disney Land. With a distinction in their offerings, these locations demand people bear the trouble.IMG_3893-L.jpg

Mouth-Watering Temptations:

Hot dogs on the hot coals of the fire sandwiched between a soft, steamed bun, with the combination of crunchy veggies, sautéed onions, and spicy mustard…tantalizing, isn’t it?
People who have a weakness for the best food offerings would not think twice to enter a queue no matter how far away it would head. Notice the hot dog vendor at the corner of the street and the infinite queue in the picture!aMbAxyA_700b.jpg

Personal Needs:

For all those who root for gender equality, check out the difference between the queues of the two genders and reconsider your opinion. Nonetheless, toilet queues are found in every continent on the face of the earth.aj0NAyq_700b.jpgA world record for the length of a toilet queue was set when 756 people lined up for a latrine in central Brussels to raise awareness of the need for clean water on World Water Day. To each queue, its purpose.


Social Responsibilities:

Selflessness pervades when people sacrifice their time and join a queue to help the unfortunate around them. Queuing up to donate blood is surely worth the cause.


Disaster-Incited Provisions:

Helplessness prompts the underprivileged to bear hardships in return for basic life necessities. A quite distorted queue in Syria to get food illustrates the troubles of the world.rKk1zBM.jpg

Ranging from extremely serious issues like crises in Syria to the hyper-excited populace at the gates of the Disney World, queuing systems are displayed in a wide breadth of places with reasons as insignificant as a celebrity autograph contrasting with causes like blood donation.

Even though time-consuming; queuing manages population flow quite efficiently if compared to distorted crowds of people causing havoc.

Despite varied motivations for forming queues around the world, organizations are now switching to advanced technologies like Queue Management Systems to minimize waiting times by allowing people to queue virtually and even get a queue ticket using a simple mobile app.


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