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Digital Signage for Hotels: Engage and Impress Your Guests

hotel lobby

In this blog: Digital signage for hotels can transform the visitor experience. You can use these signages effectively to engage, inform, and impress guests.

What are Digital Signages?

Digital signages, also known as digital displays or digital signage systems, are a technology-driven communication medium used to present content to a targeted audience.

They consist of a digital screen, such as LCD or LED panels, which are used to display visually engaging and dynamic content in various locations, including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, airports, corporate offices, and more. Digital signages can be deployed in both indoor and outdoor settings.

How to use Digital Signage in a Hotel?

hotel reception

Digital signage for hotels are incredibly useful. Here are 5 of the most useful ways of utilizing digital signage solutions in your hotel:

1. Promotional Offers and Marketing Campaigns

Use high-resolution digital signages strategically placed in the hotel’s lobby, reception area, and other high-traffic zones to promote special offers and exclusive deals.

Utilize eye-catching visuals, animations, and digital content to captivate guests’ attention and encourage them to explore additional hotel services.

Promote scheduled events, spa services, on-site dining specials, and local attractions to entice guests to make the most of their stay.

2. Digital Way Finding System

Hotels are often huge. As guests navigate the hotel, the complex structure may intimidate them, negatively impacting their experience. Hence, you can implement a user-friendly digital wayfinding system that features interactive maps and directories, making it easy for guests to find their way around the hotel’s various facilities and amenities.

Include detailed information about conference rooms/ meeting rooms, restaurants, fitness center, and other points of interest. Make use of interactive screens, touchscreen displays and clear signage to provide way-finding to specific locations within the hotel.

3. Display Important Information and Announcements

It is crucial for the hotel staff to prioritize the security of the guests at the hotel. You may ensure guest safety and awareness by using digital signage to display key information and announcements. Broadcast real-time local weather alerts, ensuring that guests are prepared for the day’s weather conditions.

In emergency situations, quickly convey essential instructions and evacuation routes, enhancing guest security. Digital signage solutions are just perfect for this purpose! They can effectively communicate required information to the guests.

4. Show Local Flight and Travel Information:

Keep guests well-informed by displaying up-to-date flight schedules for nearby airports.

Provide information on transportation options, including shuttle schedules, taxis, and public transit, for a seamless travel experience.

Highlight local attractions, event listings, and nearby dining options to enrich guests’ stay and encourage them to explore the area.

4. Entertainment

Enhance guest satisfaction and encourage longer stays by offering a variety of entertainment options on digital signage.

Create dedicated entertainment areas within the hotel, such as a lounge, where guests can unwind while watching news, sports, or movies. Customize the content to cater to different guest preferences, ensuring a pleasant hotel environment.

5. Visitor Management

Optimize guest experiences by managing visitor queues efficiently during busy check-in or check-out periods. Display estimated waiting times and queue numbers on the digital signage, minimizing guest frustration and providing a more smooth check in process.

Implement an alert system to inform guests when it’s their turn, allowing them to relax or explore the hotel while waiting.

6. Add a Digital Concierge

Implement an interactive digital concierge system, offering guests the ability to access valuable information independently via the signage solutions. Provide guidance on check-in/check-out procedures, guest room service menus, and local tourism spots.

Customize the interactive system to answer common guest questions and eliminate the need for direct staff assistance, streamlining guest interactions and improving the administrative efficiency.


The Impact of Digital Signage for Hotels

hotel digital signage

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, staying ahead and meeting the evolving demands of guests is paramount for any successful hotel. The deployment of digital signages has the power to transform a hotel’s performance in several impactful ways:

Increase Revenue Through Promotions and Advertising

One of the most tangible benefits of using hotel digital signage is their ability to boost revenue through promotions and advertising. The eye-catching screens placed strategically in key areas within the hotel can be a powerful marketing tool.

With vibrant visuals, captivating animations, and compelling video content, hotels can effectively promote in-house services, amenities, and booking offers. Special offers, dining deals, spa services, and upcoming events can be showcased in a manner that ensures every guest is fully aware of the offerings.

This, in turn, can attract more customers and generate increased profit. By maximizing the visibility of your offerings, you’re effectively driving customer engagement and enticing them to explore the full range of services your hotel has to offer.

Improved Communication Between Hotel Guests and Staff

Communication lies at the heart of every successful hotel’s operations. Digital signages serve as an efficient bridge between guests and staff. In a hospitality setting where providing exceptional service and support is of utmost importance, these displays facilitate seamless communication.

Guests can access information, request services, or seek assistance through the interactive features of these digital displays. This not only enhances the overall guest experience but also helps reduce the pressure on the hotel staff, allowing them to focus on more complex guest needs.

Digital signages can, in essence, become an extension of your staff, ensuring guests have easy access to the information they need, when they need it. This would also help you optimize resource allocation and maximize operational efficiency.

Enhance Guest Engagement and Satisfaction

hotel guests

In the quest to make a lasting impression on guests, digital signages play a pivotal role in enhancing engagement and satisfaction. By keeping guests entertained with real-time news, sports updates, and informative content, hotels create an environment that encourages longer stays and repeat visits.

Additionally, the dynamic nature of digital signages allows for customization and personalization of content, such as local attractions and event promotions. This level of engagement and tailored information resonates with guests, making them feel valued and well-informed. As a result, guest satisfaction levels soar, leading to positive guest reviews, return visits, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Streamline Hotel Operations

Digital signages are not just a means of engaging and informing guests; they are also a valuable tool for streamlining operations. For instance, digital wayfinding systems can reduce the need for additional staff dedicated to providing directions within the hotel.

Furthermore, visitor management tools integrated with digital signages help optimize check-in and check-out processes, improving overall efficiency. Staff can focus on more complex tasks while digital concierge services handle common guest queries and needs. This, in turn, results in smoother hotel operations, lower operational costs, and an improved guest experience.

Hotels Content Creation Guide for Digital Signages

Audience Understanding:

Tailor your content to match the needs and preferences of your specific guest demographics. Consider factors such as their purpose of travel, interests, and backgrounds to create content that resonates with them.

Ensure Content Relevancy:

Craft custom content that serves your guests’ immediate needs. Promote special offers, local attractions, weather updates, safety information, and event schedules. Ensure your content is concise and impactful.

Strategic Placement:

Position your digital signages strategically throughout the hotel. Place screens in high-traffic areas like the hotel lobby for general information and promotions, in elevators for quick messages, in dining areas for menus and specials, and employ wayfinding kiosks in large properties to aid navigation.

Visual Appeal:

Use high-quality visuals, graphics, images, and videos. Maintain brand consistency and readability. Regularly update content to keep it fresh and engaging.

Content Management

Implement a content management system for easy scheduling, updating, and monitoring of content. This ensures accuracy and relevance.

Wavetec’s Offer for Hotels

digital signage has an audio system to call out the ticket numbers displayed on the screen

Elevating the guest experience and improving hotel administration and operation, Wavetec offers a range of dynamic digital signage solutions tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. With a commitment to customization, durability, and content management, Wavetec’s offerings are designed to meet the unique needs of hotels.

Wavetec Offers Customization and Tailored Solutions

Wavetec understands that every hotel is unique. Their digital signage systems are fully customizable to prioritize your specific requirements. Whether you need to promote services, provide wayfinding assistance, or engage guests with tailored content, Wavetec’s solutions can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your hotel’s environment.

Wavetec’s Digital Signages are Durability and Low Maintenance:

Wavetec’s digital signages are built to last. Designed with durability in mind, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement. These robust systems are engineered to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring they continue to perform optimally with minimal maintenance.

Wavetec Gives you Complete Control Over Content Management:

Wavetec’s system gives your hotel’s management full control over what hotel guests see. Whether it’s promoting special offers, conveying important information, or providing real-time updates, you can engage guests with the content they need to see. This level of control ensures that your messaging is always timely and relevant.

Incorporating Wavetec’s digital signage solutions into your hotel’s strategy empowers you to provide an enhanced guest experience, streamline operations, and efficiently communicate with your guests. With customization, durability, and content management at the forefront, Wavetec’s offerings are designed to help hotels maximize the value of digital signage in the rapidly-evolving hospitality landscape.

Elevate Your Hotel’s Guest Experience with Hotel Digital Signage Solutions

improving guest experience with digital signage

From boosting revenue to streamlining operations and enhancing guest engagement, their impact is profound. Wavetec’s customizable, durable, and content-rich solutions are your ticket to success. We encourage hotels to consider the deployment of digital signages for a brighter future in guest communication.

Contact Wavetec today and see the difference it can make for your hotel. Elevate your guest experience and stay ahead of the curve.


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