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Our CSR Initiatives

Wavetec is a socially responsible company that believes that there is a direct link between education and poverty alleviation. Education, we believe, is a basic human right and a way to living a better life.

The impact of education is not just restricted to getting a job, it is also about teaching people how to take care of their basic needs and remain healthy. We strongly consider female education to be very important since it brings benefits not to the female herself but also to her children and community. This
at large would also help the society to achieve economic growth by providing education to her family, earn some more income and provide better healthcare to her children.

Our CSR education program is driven by a philanthropic focus of improving the lives of disadvantaged children across the globe. This is done via activities and partnerships which support communities mainly in developing countries where majority of the population is the youth.

The Citizen Foundation (TCF)

A non-government organization, The Citizen Foundation (TCF) has set up 1000 schools providing free quality education to the Children in Pakistan. Wavetec collaborated with TCF in 2010 and adopted a school managing all its expenses

SOS Children’s Village

Wavetec has collaborated with SOS in Kenya to provide support to children in a small village in Mombasa. The aim is to provide support, education and healthcare to children in different communities until they become independent adults.

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