Recruitment Process

Are you someone who is excited by challenges? Sparked by creativity? Fueled by unraveling new frontiers? If you want to be surrounded by people for whom innovation is a constant state of mind, Wavetec is the right place for you.

Recruitment Process

How we Recruit

Recruitment at Wavetec is about the people and not the process

At Wavetec, recruitment is not just a process it’s about people. Our employees are more than just their formal qualifications. We are on the lookout for people with the energy, integrity & willingness to make a long-term commitment and exceed expectations by pushing the business frontiers.

We make sure that all the methods used in our recruitment are rigorous, fair and transparent. We look for candidates who are open and able to evolve – both in terms of taking responsibility and progressing quickly within the organization and also geographically.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment – The General Process

Once all documents are verified, a final proposal is sent to the qualified employee candidates. Candidates who have not qualified for the position will be notified via email.

Online Application

You can apply for a job specified to your area of interest by searching at our career opportunities page and by clicking on “Apply”. If you do not find a job opening specified to your region or area of interest, you can simply email us at [email protected] This will lead you to a page where you will share with us your skills, training and professional experience by making a profile online. All your information will be immediately saved and an email confirmation will be sent out. Once you create a profile on our careers portal, you will receive updates regarding any opportunities matching your experience that you can apply to.

Recruitment Process

Initial Screening

Mobility: Here at Wavetec, we want to help employees grow bigger and better. As we continue to grow, opportunities for growth multiply. We try to our best to make our people capable enough to take on responsibility and ownership and more up the corporate ladder getting opportunities of International placements and eventually becoming shareholders of the c

Initial Screening

As soon as you apply online through our career portal, your CV is redirected to our recruitment staff who will then assess your experience against a particular job role. The best thing to do to qualify here is to give us as much information as you can about yourself.

Recruitment Process


If you are applying for a technical role, you will also be asked to give an online assessment form to test your capabilities.

Recruitment Process

Our Response

A phone call or an email contact will be initiated if the candidates profile is shortlisted for the role in order to get some more information from the candidates. An interview will be arranged accordingly

Recruitment Process


The first interview will be conducted by the human resource department where you will be further evaluated regarding your skills, personality and capabilities

The second interview will be held with the prospective manager/supervisor. For technical roles, an interview will be conducted by the technical manager/supervisor

Recruitment Process


A final decision is taken with the consent of the respective Wavetec managers and HR professionals

Recruitment Process
Recruitment Process

Formal Proposal

There are certain steps followed when making the final job offer

  1. Background and reference check
  2. Compliance check
  3. Verification of educational and professional documents
  4. Agreement between the hiring manager and candidate on terms of employment

Our Internship Programs

Recruitment Process

AIESEC Internship

We are proud to partner with AIESEC to create learning and grooming opportunities for young people, to help them discover themselves and develop their full potential. We share AIESEC’s values in spirit, and truly aim to provide young leaders with practical learning experiences, and a rich flavor of the corporate world that helps them in their career.

University Internship Program

Wavetec welcomes young proactive people who seek to learn. Our internship programme is an exciting opportunity to explore new perspectives and gain knowledge, and to perform in an environment that enriches your ability to acquire the tools of success. If you are interested in being a part of our dynamic team,