Our Internship Programs

University Internship Program

Wavetec welcomes young proactive people who seek to learn. Our internship programme is an exciting opportunity to explore new perspectives and gain knowledge, and to perform in an environment that enriches your ability to acquire the tools of success. If you are interested in being a part of our dynamic team, apply here.

AIESEC Internship Program

We are proud to partner with AIESEC to create learning and grooming opportunities for young people, to help them discover themselves and develop their full potential. We share AIESEC’s values in spirit, and truly aim to provide young leaders with practical learning experiences, and a rich flavor of the corporate world that helps them in their career.


Join us and make amazing things happen


  • To be a part of Wavetec is a continuous learning experience, where we faced new challenges and goals. The main motivations to be working in this company are the global perspective, the constant innovation in terms of solutions and business processes and the rapid growth of the company.
    Leandro Blank
    Regional Manager
    Wavetec Europe
  • Working at Wavetec means personal and professional growth through a talented and multi-cultural team. It is the leading company in the market due to its customer innovation and care, where the key factor is the employees’ commitment.
    Nicolás Hoyos
    Business Developer
    Wavetec Latin America
  • I have been member of Wavetec family since January 2012. I am blessed with being able to work with many wonderful people. These people have taught me so much and have given me the opportunity to grow successfully. One thing I appreciate most about coming to work is the friendly and family oriented atmosphere and this goes all the way up to the Directors and CEO. Often times, people work for a company, where the CEO and Leadership Team are "untouchable", and virtually just a name, but are not available. Executive Staff here at Wavetec are practically approachable, and they care about the employees, and it shows. I feel fortunate to be a part of such a great company.
    Muhammad Wasif
    Research and Development Tech Lead
  • Working in Wavetec is a great learning experience and an opportunity to interact in a cultural diverse environment. Our work is driven by innovation, creativity and challenges us everyday to think out of the box.
    Germán Martinez
    Regional Manager
    Wavetec Latin America
  • Wavetec has been a very dynamic and diverse experience for me. In a span of three years, I have been a part of wonderful and bright teams from Local Ops and Support to Pre-sales to International Ops and Support. Its has always been about challenging yourself and discovering new horizons.
    Bilal Ahktar
    International Business Development Executive
    Wavetec Latin America