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Reporting with Spectra Queue Management

Measure and manage data Insights from Spectra

Ensuring timely and accurate data is critical to take business decisions. Spectra enables you to take confident decisions with an enterprise level reporting platform.

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Collecting, Managing, & Mapping Customer Journeys

Be in the forefront and in control of your service operations.

Continually improve customer and employee engagement by capturing feedback and monitoring interactions.


Driving your department’s goal: No matter which department, Spectra is your essential tool for success. We enable you to improve your entire organization’s P&L by increasing revenues and reducing costs.

Access to insights with real-time data: Seamless access to rich insights of your branch which enables you to continuously improve your customer experience with access to real-time data.

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Reporting, BI & AI

Advance into the future with BI & AI-driven predictions

Predict the future with BI & AI-driven, actionable insights calculated using advanced learning algorithms.

Over 50 Historical Reports such as: Service Quality Levels, Employee Performance, Branch & Region Performance

Real-Time Monitoring Dashboards

Central Configuration & Management of the System

Multilingual (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Other Languages (Optional)

KPI Management & Custom Dashboards.

Drill Down Reports


In Branch Customer Experience:

Allow your customers to queue virtually using their phones to access your ticket less system.

  • Who visits your stores and why
  • Which channels they used
  • What was their experience like
  • Where they came from
  • Loyal customers?
  • Demographic information
  • Who is canceling or walking out

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce operational costs and drive greater sales by capturing data across your branch and operations such as:

Time and motion insights into store associate tasks, customers, breaks and dwell time

Staff performance over customer service interactions and task productivity

Customer experience insights into wait times, show rates and more

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Designed to empower different industries

Globally more than 2 million people pass through our customer
experience solutions on a daily basis.

Increases in branch sales by 20%
Greater competitive advantage by leveraging on insights
Increased NPS rating by reduction in wait times
Increased customer and brand loyalty
Realtime decision making with AI & BI tools
Improved Staff Allocation & Retention