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Linear Queue
Management – How does it work?

UNO-Q is a simple call-forward queueing system that can increase service efficiency decrease wait time and improve the customer experience by optimising queue throughout.

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How UNO-Q Works

Customer waits in a single queue, waiting for the teller to press a wireless button when the counter is ready to serve. An LED display directs the customer towards the open counter, and they are served.


Our customized, Donatello-based linear queuing system swiftly manages ticket-less queues in service areas. Because of its seamless compatibility with digital signage, this solution has an added advantage of engaging, attracting and informing customers. The Reporting Dashboards are an essential component of this system, providing management with real-time information about customer journeys.

Be where your Customers Are

How Does Electronic Call
Forwarding works?

The new normal for all your Queuing Needs.



Customers waiting in a
single queue.

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When the counter is open, the teller presses a button to inform the next customer that their turn has arrived


LCD Displays

Displays up-to-date information and directs customers to respective calling counters

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Position Display Unit

Shows raked position of the calling counter


Customer Served and
Performance Reports

Service provided by the teller/cashier, while the enterprise solution analyzed and reports on collected data

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