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Covid-19 SafeQ Virtual Queuing Solutions to Manage Customer Flow

SafeQ queuing solutions are specially designed to manage queues outside your store virtually, thereby ensuring social distancing. Our cloud platform enables the efficient and productive management of queues seamlessly and without contact.

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20+ Years of Experience Working with a Range of World Class Clients

Our primary focus is to support you and your business in ensuring the safety of your customers, while providing uninterrupted quality services. We work with clients from global multinationals, with our audiences ranging from international to local businesses around the world. Wavetec’s products and solutions have been developed for diverse and demanding environments, designed to equip you expertly.

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Virtual Queuing Solutions
for the New Normal

Covid-19 Customer Journey

SafeQ virtual queuing solutions are part of technological initiatives taken by Wavetec to enable safe physical distancing. It doesn’t matter if your customers arrive unplanned or do not have a smartphone. With SafeQ, everyone will be able to be part of a virtual queue while being able to wait for their turn safely. Once their turn arrives, they will be notified via SMS, WhatsApp or email.

Integrated with Web Appointments & Ticketing

Customer Calling/ Check-in App

QR Enabled Queuing & Appointments

WhatsApp & SMS Queue Notifications

Lobby Leader/ Doorman App

Integrated Feedback System

Digital Signage for Queue Information

Dashboards & Reporting

The right Virtual Queuing
Solution for your Business

This ticketless, single line queuing system is a cost effective way to
manage queues in the fairest and fastest way possible.

Enables Social Distancing
Quick & Easy Deployment
Deliver Great Customer Experience
Touchless Experience
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Adhere to Occupancy Limits
No Hardware Required
The most advanced queuing solution
No more long queues

Fast, Simple, Convenient
& Easy to Deploy

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Onboarding via Appointments & Assisted Model

Equip your customers with omnichannel experiences using Online Appointments, QR enabled queuing or via an Assisted Model for walk-in. The system allows you to configure store capacity to ensure social distancing.

SafeQ is designed to be accessible by everyone. An arriving customer can use their smartphones to scan a QR code or join the queue. Alternatively, they can use an assisted model & give in their details and issued a ticket via SMS or email.

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Engage & Notify Customers while Waiting

Connect with your customers via digital signage to keep them updated about their position in the queue.

Customers waiting in their cars can also access a web URL and can view live status of the queue.

Waiting customers are informed via SMS or email about their position in the queue.

Priority entrance can be given to customers who have issued a ticket via online appointments.

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Customer Calling & Feedback

Occupancy control is managed via a simple web-page accessible to any of your designated team members.

This simple interface gives you visibility to:

  • track of no of customers inside the store
  • check-in or out any customer
  • call any customer on priority
  • manually issue tickets to customers
  • open and close queue
  • send broadcast messages to customers

On check-out you can take vital customer feedback via SMS or email to ensure customer satisfaction.

How it Works

Virtual Queuing Via WhatsApp

Have an integrated virtual queuing solution with WhatsApp, the most popular app for instant messaging.
Wavetec is the first company to offer its customers this unique opportunity to avail of this innovative queuing experience

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Step 1

Open WhatsApp Conversation

Customer scans QR code to open the designated chat and is greeted by the system.

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Step 2

Customer Selects A Service

Of the service options provided, the customer chooses the one that applies to them best.

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Step 3

Customer Is Issued A Ticket

The customer will be issued a virtual ticket in response to their selected service. This ticket will be integrated with digital signage and lobby leader calling applications.

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Step 4

Notification & Live Queue Status

The customer will be alerted to queue status via push notifications on the chat.

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Step 5

Customer Feedback

After having been served, the customer will be asked for feedback on the quality of their visit, via WhatsApp.

Banorte addresses pandemic with WhatsApp Queuing

Hosted by RBR, and featuring details from and discussion of Banorte’s experience, this event will explore the use of Wavetec’s WhatsApp Queuing solution in 975 bank branches across Mexico.

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Step Up your Game with a Powerful Digital Signage Solution

In places where SafeQ is employed, adding digital signage for queue status updates and marketing would be even more effective. While customers are waiting, you can target and broadcast important alerts and publicise useful information.

Various screen splitting templates allow multiple content to be displayed such as tickets in waiting, priority tickets via appointment, QR codes, scrolling messages and captivating images.

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Automate, Digitize & Transform Your Customer Journey with Spectra

SafeQ is powered by Spectra, an enterprise software that seamlessly integrates with all applications to minimize customer efforts across all channels and touchpoints, ensuring a seamless experience every time a customer visits your branch.

Spectra will change the way your business operates at the front-end where the customers are. We put you in central control of your customer’s experience with real-time actionable insights, dashboards and reports.

How Can SafeQ Virtual Queuing Solutions Help You?

We have wide ranging expertise in equipping service areas in banks, hospitals, pharmacies, government organizations, supermarkets and retail stores. SafeQ helps to empower you a step further in delivering seamless customer experiences.

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