Wavetec sponsors e-Banking 2015 in Pakistan

Improving Internal Processes for Better Customer Satisfaction
April 7, 2015
Wavetec proudly sponsors AFE Equities Summit 2015
April 14, 2015

Wavetec, a multinational technology specialist firm based in Dubai, is proud to sponsor e-Banking 2015 Conference & Exhibition that is going to be held on the 23rd of April at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi. The event that is being organized with the support and cooperation of Pakistan Software Export Board, Pakistan Software Houses Association and Government of Sindh, has become quite an established and popular event in Pakistan, and will be held for the 13 consecutive year. Wavetec is excited about the event, and intends to showcase its premier customer experience solutions that include queue management systems, customer feedback systems, and digital signage screens, at the event.

Retail banking is a multi-channel business; in order to gain significant share of consumer’s wealth wallet, banks have started working on comprehensive campaigns to reposition their branches. Understanding the importance of creating customer delight and providing excellent customer service for brand
differentiation, banks are capitalizing on digital signage to reorganize customer experiences inside branches, investing in queue management services to efficiently manage customer flows in the branches, and launching customer feedback systems to know what their customers feel about their service.

Nonetheless, the Pakistani banking industry still has to go a long way to be reckoned as a modern banking industry in the world. Wavetec, with global presence in over 70 countries, exceptional product portfolio, a credible customer base, and customized solutions, and expertise in transforming companies globally truly has a lot to offer to Pakistan’s banking industry.