Improving Internal Processes for Better Customer Satisfaction

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March 28, 2015
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April 12, 2015

It has become a well-known fact in the corporate world that standardized internal processes lead to increased customer satisfaction. That’s why companies are paying more attention to improving internal processes to streamline their operations, and consequently deliver better customer care. Worldwide hundreds of organizations use SAP applications to effectively improve their business efficiency and profitability, as SAP is a leading ERP software when it comes to smart integration amongst different departments. It fundamentally helps in reforming the internal processes for refined flows by giving timely insights about the business that lead to better customer service.

With the fast paced corporate environment, businesses are growing out to be quite complex, and thus need even more advanced systems and mechanisms to help them cope and strengthen their processes. The formal business processes that enable a business to create products and delivers services have a positive impact on overall customer satisfaction.Thus, SAP realized the need for advanced mechanisms for predictive analysis in its Enterprise Resource Planning software and organized a round table discussion titled “The Treasury Function: maximizing business performance”.

The event organized by the courtesy of SAP MENA in Dubai focused on the way modern technology solutions are transforming the Treasury function, giving rise to a new working platform and a fresh set of challenges and responsibilities for Treasurers and CFOs. The event included panel discussions on the challenges faced by organizations while using the existing software, and how ERP software must be upgraded to address drastically changing economic scenarios with advanced real-time reporting, incorporate speedy predictive analysis, and introduce a greater degree of transparency in complex business processes.

Wavetec’s CFO, Atif Khalil, participated in the panel discussions and shared his views on how improvements in ERP system and current system could result in improved real-time reporting mechanisms and better management of working capital according to IFRS standards, that could eventually translate into improved client servicing, project handling, inventory management, and hence lead to better customer care and a higher ROI.

Wavetec is using SAP since 2008 and greatly benefitting from its excellent built-in controls, well-integrated modules, and sound reporting mechanisms that allow for smooth operations management and enable Wavetec to seamlessly operate globally and develop an impressive customer portfolio. According to research, businesses with standardized internal processes witness more productivity, higher product quality and increased customer satisfaction, which highlight the efficiency of an organization. Moreover, well-laid internal processes even create consistency within organizations, allowing them to focus more on refining their offerings and meeting customer expectations.