Wavetec participates at the PREMIER CONGRESS and EXPO for SME’s and entrepreneurs in the Middle East

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December 4, 2013
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January 24, 2014

Wavetec ranked # 2 in Dubai SME 100 in November 2013 participated at the SME Congress and Expo 2013 held in Abu Dhabi from 16th – 18th December, 2013. Small & Medium businesses who represent 60 – 70% of employment and more than 50% of GDP participated at the event.

Growing your small business into a bigger enterprise has its challenges: partnering, finding new investors, recruiting the right people and expanding geographically. Wavetec was invited to participate in the panel discussion “Growing to Scale: How to play in the major league” and discuss how to overcome these challenges. During the discussion, Mr. Tobias Bessone, General

Manager of Wavetec, said: “Innovation is a key attribute at Wavetec. We look for innovation in every aspect of our business and not just in our products, and this philosophy has helped us to reach the ‘Major Leagues’ ”

Throughout the Panel Discussions, experts in the matter highlighted the importance of establishing strong distribution partnerships with reputable companies as a way to expand the business globally. Finally, when asked about the biggest growth challenge, Mr. Tobias answered “The biggest challenge is not about having access to capital but quick access to good quality Human resources having entrepreneurship spirit”.