To compete on pricing, you need nothing but innovation

Wavetec participates at the PREMIER CONGRESS and EXPO for SME’s and entrepreneurs in the Middle East
January 3, 2014
Wavetec participates at the “State of SME’s in Dubai” report launch
February 6, 2014

Defined as a new way of doing things or initiating pragmatic changes, innovation is a specific instrument of entrepreneurship or an act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.

Time and again, history has proved that many technological, cultural and even social barriers were eliminated through ideas (which were at first received with cynicism to no end, and yet, these very same ideas were the ones that changed the world). SMEs cannot afford to be mundane, and their versatility can be

proved by adopting new techniques and pushing themselves towards bigger challenges. The best example of a start-up being innovative is Apple; it’s a story of a visionary teaming up with an innovator to change the landscape of microcomputers. Reinventing is the name of the game of sustenance for businesses, where the quality of service matters a lot more than many realise. The Innovation sub-ranking in the Dubai SME 100 ranking list acknowledged the pioneering SMEs, ISME samples a couple of them.

Following is the edited excerpt of the interview: Tobias Bessone, general manager (UAE), Wavetec

Question 1: How did you encourage innovation in your organisation?

Wavetec: We started communicating the concept of innovation as one of our core values across all the departments with a clear purpose. Although we are a technology company, we believe that an accepted and approved idea should be implemented in every corner of the company- irrespective of whether it is a process, business model, or capacity addition while keeping costs under control. Another approach adopted by us was establishing a multicultural workforce with different backgrounds and origins that could bring the best of each other while interacting. Moreover, we have recently designated a chief innovation officer and set up an innovation center too for strengthening the concept in our organisation.

Question 2: What merits you to be ranked in the Dubai SME 100 rankings?

Wavetec: Besides our financial sustainability, we have managed to achieve a successful geographical expansion over the past few years. As of today, our company exports technology to almost every continent from Dubai, which includes large multinational companies too.

Question 3: With new discoveries cropping up for businesses, what new innovations are you planning to implement?(Technology, ERP, CRM)

Wavetec: New variations of software and hardware as a service are being implemented in different parts of the world. Moreover, we are strengthening further on the smartphone arena and payment technologies.

Question 4: How do you think this title can benefit you and your organisation?

Wavetec: It opens a network for synergies within the SMEs and raises the visibility quotient for the large organisations , which are looking for more innovative, flexible services and product partners.

Wavetec specialises in improving customer experience at the service centres through a conversion of their proprietary queue management system, digital signage and customer feedback technologies. On a similar line, Wavetec manufactures and develops information display systems based on LED technology for high profile institutions, starting off as a developer of tracking systems for satellite dishes. With branches in five continents, and technologies developed inhouse, this once start-up is ready to go and glow.

Tobias Bessone,
General Manager (UAE),
Wavetec FZCO.