Wavetec Opens its door in Canada with a strategic partnership with Aequilibrium

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June 3, 2020
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Wavetec Partner Canada

Wavetec is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Aequilibrium, a Canadian agency specializing in improving customer experiences.

The partnership enables Aequilibrium’s clients to leverage Wavetec’s technology that offers better location management and superior customer experiences while Wavetec benefits from Aequilibrium’s consultancy team to implement and extend its Global platform into Canada. 

Across all industries, there are urgent needs to manage visits to physical locations. Banks, credit unions, retail insurance providers, healthcare services, labs, airports, luxury retailers, government service offices, for example, are now seeking innovative solutions that use digital technologies to make appointments, manage the queue, or manage in-building capacity.

As Wavetec’s first partner in Canada, Aequilibrium is excited to be providing Wavetec’s winning technologies that enable businesses to comply with new regulations, enhance experiences for customers by ensuring predictable and reliable service, and provide new insights into business performance as a result.  For businesses that adopt Wavetec technologies, Covid-19 may prove to be a catalyst that results in long term improvements to customer experience and operational efficiency.” said Aequilibrium CEO Adrian Moise. 

With the help of Aequilibrium and Wavetec technologies, businesses can address those needs and more, even implementing analytics and data that can help analyze traffic flows, optimize the workforce, and provide innovative new offerings that scale with the business needs. 

“We selected Aequilibrium as our Canadian partner as a critical step in offering customers access to innovations that customers in the EU, LATAM and UAE have benefited from for some time now.” Said Tobias Bessone, Deputy CEO Wavetec

Wavetec’s virtual queuing technology, eliminates lineups and helps customers manage their day with solutions that are fast, simple and easy.  The solution can even help provide alternative options for disabled and older customers.

“Aequilibrium’s focus on providing remarkable customer experiences and deep industry knowledge of local markets will help drive these innovative solutions into the market.” Said Leandro General Manager Europe. 

About Wavetec

Wavetec is a multinational technology company that is at the forefront of technological revolution for more than three decades and enjoys a firm presence in over 75 countries with its Queue Management Systems, Self-Service Kiosks and Information Display Solutions installed at leading corporations around the world. Wavetec’s credible customer portfolio, rich integration tools, and customized solutions are eminently known worldwide.

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Aequilibrium is a digital studio specializing in product design and software development. We were founded on the idea that great design can change the way consumers and brands interact with each other. Since 2012, we’ve been crafting award-winning digital products that put clients at the heart of every solution, generating measurable results with every project.

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