Wavetec is proud to be a Technology Partner in the 2021 AFE Annual Conference Saudi

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February 25, 2021
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March 29, 2021

The Arab Federation of Exchanges Annual Conference 2021, to be held 29-30th March, will be a wholly virtual and remote event. We are honoured to sponsor them and partner up in an event that will showcase global speakers and panelists with expertise on stock exchanges, the issues they face and possible solutions.

Having previously participated in installations of this very event, we can say with surety that this gathering of regional and international financial forces in one live stream, is an opportunity not to be missed. And true to their vision for transparency and development, AFE has chosen to go entirely virtual to safeguard participants and set an example for other events to follow.

Our Deputy CEO, Tobias Bessone is a longtime supporter. “It is clear that AFE is making the most of the times we find ourselves in. They have shown adaptivity, foresight, and future-focused planning. It is truly delightful to watch, support and be a part of!”

Wavetec is a global technology solution provider, with a prolific presence in stock exchanges in the Middle East. Our financial market displays are installed in over 33 stock exchanges internationally, and we ensure quality and the sustainability of such solutions with our vast and long experience with LED displays and tickers, and our understanding of the need for dynamic displays in financial markets. These displays swiftly and accurately disseminate information, thereby ensuring transparency and credibility for stakeholders.