United States of America Consulate in Pakistan selects Wavetec’s Queue Management System

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July 3, 2012
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April 8, 2013

Wavetec’s Electronic Queue Management System redefines customer care to a highly customer centric concept. It tunes up your waiting area so that your customers have a pleasant experience throughout by offering them hassle free and personalized service. To enhance and ensure customer satisfaction, B.L Harbert International contractors for The United States of America Consulate in Pakistan have selected Wavetec Queue Management to facilitate customers/clients at their Visa section in Karachi.

Wavetec has installed an 8 counter TDU Lite which is a state of the art ticket dispensing machine along with Hard TSU that helps ticket calling and service controlling. This in turn helps U.S Consulate Karachi in organizing their waiting area and facilitating their customers throughout the day. The system has an intelligent live reporting software capability of providing exceptional service quality reports.

Customer Quote: B.L Harbert International (Private) Limited would like to thank Wavetec for providing Electronic Queue Management System in U.S Consulate Karachi, Pakistan to facilitate customers/clients for their visa section. The system provided by Wavetec is an intelligent 8 counter system with live reporting software capable of providing exceptional service quality reports. Complete training has been provided with regards to the functionality and extraction of reports.
Zeeshan Ghanchi – Senior Engineer – B.L Harbert International (Private) Limited