Eroski adopts Wavetec Customer Experience Solution to streamline customer flow

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August 31, 2015
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September 9, 2015

Grupo Eroski is a Spanish distribution cooperative company which was established in 1969 in the Basque Country. The group employs over 38,000 workers and has 2,000 outlets comprising of various different brands.

Eroski strives to deliver high-quality customer service to every customer. In order to serve better, the company went a notch higher and went through a corporate transformation exercise by adopting Wavetec’s Customer Experience Solutions. Eroski installed an enterprise level queue management system followed by a digital signage platform-Donatello at Castro Urdiales supermarket, Spain.

Eroski opted for Wavetec’s solution as it offered greater flexibility and innovative features. Moreover, easy integration and affordability was an added advantage for fast deployment. Prior to adopting the new and improved solution, Eroski was using a much primitive system which lacked frequent upgrades and had support difficulties. Wavetec- a leading global company with expertise in customer experience solutions makes customer service areas more efficient, informed and engaged.

Wavetec’s Queue System installation at the Castro Urdiales center was completed in a record time of three weeks, at Eroski’s request. The digital signage platform allows Eroski to connect and interact with its customers, by keeping them entertained, informed and involved with the brand through an outstanding network of digital displays, which are operated through centralized content management.

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