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Transforming healthcare services with innovative and modern management solutions

Wavetec’s healthcare management solutions allow the healthcare industry to deliver a more effective patient experience. We offer a unique combination of patient experience solutions helping you drive lasting change, services to digitally transform organizations and the ability to implement at scale.

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Management Needs

Trusting a healthcare provider can be a difficult ask – but powered by Wavetec, it is the right and secure choice to make. We have consulted, observed, innovated and delivered solutions that ensure a high quality patient experience. The goal is to facilitate a managed patient flow that is streamlined, frictionless and contactless.

In the current health climate, pandemic, testing, vaccinations included, it is paramount to provide hardware and software that ensures patient and staff safety, uninterrupted patient journeys, personalised attention and quality care.

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Enforce Social Distancing and Occupancy Limits
Increase patient satisfaction by 30%
Reduce patient wait time by 50% and manage queue lengths
Integrations available with messaging apps, appointment scheduling, feedback systems
Customisable and centrally controlled
Real-time analysis and reporting via Spectra Dashboards
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Where can our solutions help you?

Hospitals and Clinics Map patient journeys, manage wait times, and optimize outpatient flows from pre-arrival to departure.

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Pharmacies Monitor and accommodate post-clinic, prescription refill, appointment-holding and walk-in foot traffic to ensure safety and efficiency of movement.

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Emergency Room Alleviate and ease the stress of a high tension environment with convenient and user friendly self-service solutions.

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Laboratories Bolster the services on offer at labs with automated and virtual queueing, contactless collection and frictionless flows.

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