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Airport Kiosk: A Gateway to Convenient Traveling


In this blog: Learn how an airport kiosk enhances the traveling experience and streamlines the flow of travelers at the airport.

While vacations are associated with relaxation and calm, traveling to get to one’s destination can be anxiety-inducing. From securing your boarding pass to getting through passport control, traveling can be extremely stressful. However, technology like airport kiosks can make individuals’ traveling experience much simpler.

What Is Airport Kiosk?

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Airport kiosks are self-service machines that are strategically positioned at high-traffic locations within an airport. These automated systems serve a pivotal role in modern air travel by providing passengers with a convenient means of managing various aspects of their journey.

The primary objectives of airport kiosks are to enhance the traveler experience, streamline airport operations, and optimize time efficiency for both airport personnel and passengers.

How Airport Kiosks Are Transforming Travelers’ Journeys

Airport kiosks are revolutionizing the traveler’s journey. Here is an overview of how these kiosks impact the traveler’s experience:

Check in Process

The check-in process is made extremely simple through airport check in kiosk. Passengers can complete the kiosk check in process quickly and easily, making their travel experience much simpler. Instead of waiting in the airline’s check-in line, they can simply scan their tickets at the check-in kiosks and get their own boarding passes.

With the help of a check in kiosk, the passengers can confirm flight information, get a boarding pass, and complete the luggage check in process.

This self check in option is especially convenient at busy airports where long queues and wait times can hinder passengers’ journeys. It also provides an alternative to online check-in for those who don’t wish to avail that option.

In fact, major airports have seen a drastic improvement in wait times with the use of kiosk check in option. Check-in wait times have dropped 30% from an average of 27 minutes to 20 minutes. Navigation and Wayfinding

Airport kiosks play a pivotal role in aiding passengers with navigation and wayfinding within the airport. These kiosks often feature interactive maps and directions, helping travelers locate gates, their check in counter, amenities, and services. This guidance not only reduces confusion and stress but also ensures that passengers can efficiently navigate the airport’s vast and sometimes complex layout.

Confirming Flight Information

Kiosks at the airport offer a convenient means of confirming essential flight information. Travelers can easily access real-time updates on flight statuses, gate changes, seat assignment, and departure times. This real-time information empowers passengers to stay informed and make timely decisions, such as adjusting their plans in response to delays or gate changes.

Print and Collect Boarding Pass

Beyond initial check in, these kiosks allow passengers to print or re-print their boarding passes. This feature is particularly helpful in situations where a passenger needs a new boarding pass due to changes in travel plans or the loss of the original boarding pass. This feature of the kiosk offers flexibility and convenience throughout a traveler’s journey.

Purchasing In-Flight Upgrades

For passengers seeking to enhance their in-flight experience, an airport kiosk can provide them the option to purchase upgrades. Travelers can explore available upgrades, such as seat upgrades or access to premium services, and make these purchases directly at the kiosk. Passengers can also access the menu and place their order for the in flight food if the airline allows that.

This streamlined process allows passengers to tailor their travel experience to their preferences with ease.

Airport Kiosks and Their Importance in 2023 and Beyond

airport checkin

Since airports are locations where an individual’s trip begins, it is crucial for the airport management to ensure a seamless airport experience for all. Airport kiosks are modern solutions that transform air travel and ensure smooth journeys.

These self service kiosks are staying ahead by integrating advanced technologies like biometrics and AI, enabling contactless interactions, and enhancing personalization.

From facilitating the check-in process to get a printed boarding pass, these kiosks make travelers’ life simpler. Many airlines use these kiosks to facilitate the customers in the waiting lounge, offering them multiple services and features such as access to gate information, option to change seats, seat upgrade option, get baggage tags and much more.

Travelers can conveniently enter their debit card or credit card information into the kiosk to securely and easily pay for the services they want to avail.

This prevents long queues and reduces the waiting time at the airport. Moreover, it saves the travelers, as well as the airport management from dealing with loads of cash payments that may get a bit difficult to handle.

Chaos to Kiosk: Travel Stress-Free with Wavetec’s Self-Service Kiosks

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