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Emerging Classifications of the Queuing System

Classification of the queuing systems is usually governed by variables like phases and channels. They can also be sorted as finite or infinite. However, a unique perspective of queue analysis can be designed to introduce specificity to the waiting lines, which can scrutinize the relationship between congestion and the delay caused by it to introduce effective solutions for queue management.

  1. Snake Queue: Inspired by the evergreen classic Snake Game, people tend to form creative patterns while queuing in the open. Can you sort out an image from the abstract queue below?
  2. Civilized Queue: Reflecting their geographical origin, civilized queues integrate virtues like patience and perseverance. A Londoner queue would sufficiently explain the nature of this sort of waiting line, making them the most cultivated society. Londoners also spend the longest time in queues averaging 9.11 minutes weekly – however, they rarely complain despite excessive queuing.
  3. However a situation in the US during a Black Friday sale is not quite similar. They are untamed and restless!black-friday-crowded-target-1024x598.png
  4. Push-n-Stack Queue: When overpopulation and limited resources pair up, we get to see exceptional situations like this one in China:oC6VQ1.gif
  1. Auto-mobile queue: When they can desire to undergo extreme metamorphosis and become a truck, they can arrange themselves up in a perfect bumper-to-bumper queuing system. Traffic rules to them as school rules to children.
  2. Footwear Queue: At someplace in the Hawaiian Islands, people find it more convenient to let their shoes do the queues. Comfort and queue management are tied together!150806_Queuing.img_assist_custom-640x418.jpgOluAU0M.jpg

Billionaires Queue: With a net worth of approximately $100 billion, the most monetarily sophisticated Indians line up to meet the President of the United States. Even though they would have probably never joined a queue for their consumer needs, they do show some etiquette when it comes to political strength.

Wavetec’s Queuing System

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