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Customer Engagement – Choose Your Own Adventure

Fully understanding the meaning of customer engagement and its application in the Customer Service Area is one of the main building blocks that motivates our entire team toward the development of new products and solutions for our partners.

Choose Your Own Adventure

For those of us who work at Wavetec, the customer’s engagement deserves to be re-signified every day. It’s not only a question of technological tools and it exceeds the provision of entertainment content for the waiting audience. It has to do with a combination of different elements that include

  • Technology,
  • Physical space,
  • Assistance representatives, and
  • Customer knowledge

All relevant aspects in the construction of appropriate scenarios for the creation of unique experiences of the interaction with the brand.

Speaking in terms of unique experiences represents a bigger challenge because we are in an emancipation process of collective behavior. Consumerism is established as a building element of the construction of personal identity since we define ourselves according to the products, services, and brands we choose in our daily life. How to appeal to the consumer in this context? I found the first clue in the books I read as a teenager. There is a children’s collection called “Choose your adventure”, in which the reader gets into a story whose experience is built step by step according to the decisions s/he makes, with multiple possible endings. For instance, if at one point the protagonist decides to get into a spaceship, you have to go to page 76; however, if you prefer not to take the chance, then the story continues in another section of the book.

Build your Customer’s Experience Step by Step

The first step to turning your client into the protagonist of his/her experience is to acknowledge their characteristics beyond the traditional segmentation variables like age, gender, and socio-economic status. If the intention is to provide a relevant message, engagement is possible as long as the ability to connect with their needs, likes, and preferences is developed. Accordingly, I believe that one of the most useful tools is direct observation in the Customer Service Area, to be able to understand the behavior and response to the stimulation they are exposed to.

About the individualization of the consumer, it is worth noting the well-known recurring promise in the digital signage world which states “providing the right message, to the right person at the right time”. This concept creates new challenges every day since mobile devices are heightening their significance due to the attention received and possibilities offered.

However, when a consumer explores a store or moves around a waiting area, looking at the mobile is not a full-time activity, and it is here where the companies need to utilize other technologies to keep the consumer engaged while for example looking at the shelving, creating “the right message in the right place”.


To conclude, all displays play an important role in the construction of appropriate scenarios for purchasing or service provision, where digital signage solutions provide the opportunity to communicate “the right message, to the right person at the right time” or “the right message in the right place”.

To achieve the expected engagement through experiences, technological solutions must be integrated into the physical spaces strategically, not only to facilitate the interaction of brand-consumer but also to guarantee an efficient resource organization and to obtain relevant measurements for management improvement. This ensures the maximum benefit of the available tools to provide a pleasant experience for the consumer and a profitable experience for the company.

For more information, we invite you to know more about our Wavesphere products, designed to provide a comprehensive solution to your needs in the Customer Service Area.


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