Empowering customer service areas

Waiting in a queue, standing for your turn is no one’s favorite activity. If you have poor service quality, and frustrated customers, you can change the situation by implementing quality service experience through planned service design.

Service industries require an efficient, strategic approach to managing queues. For over 27 years Wavetec has been transforming how companies design their servicescape. Wavetec provides a state of the art Queue Management System (QMS); an Enterprise Solution, with a current design and an Enterprise level information system to map customers’ journey and enhance customer experiences. Globally, Wavetec is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of queue management systems.

Reduces customer wait and service time by 50%
Increases Customer Satisfaction by 30%
Eliminates irregular and haphazard queuing
Enhances customer experience

Main Benefits

Centrally controllable and easy to use

Seamlessly fuses all components of your QMS

Optimizes staff performance

How it Works

System Architecture in a service area

From a customer’s arrival at a service area to the customer’s exit, we have it all mapped out for you. With advanced technological solutions, we help businesses to interact with customers at every touch point. Once the customer arrives at your service area, he enters a virtual queue by taking a ticket from the ticket dispensing kiosk. While waiting to be served, he is engaged through our digital signage solutions and queue displays with promotional messages and queue information. Once served, the customer records his feedback through feedback units while managers access real time business intelligence reports and dashboards through a centralized reporting system.

Enterprise solution to manage customer flow


Queue Management Features

Self-Service Kiosks

Wavetec’s intelligently designed interactive kiosks are innovative, self-service computing terminals that provide customers access to on-demand information and transactions. Our kiosks come with a touch screen for data entry, an on-screen keyboard, and dual printers to print tickets.

Our interactive kiosks come with two auto-cut printers, if one printer runs out of paper , the device automatically switches to the other printer to enable seamless ticket printing throughout the day. The dual printing technology makes our kiosks best suited for areas with high customer traffic, so that your queues are well managed, and your customers get the best service.

We also offer customized kiosks to allow our clients to interact with their customers in their desired way. When customers visit your service areas, they can print tickets through self-service kiosk, and can even record their feedback.

Ticket Dispenser Mini-Kiosk

  • 8.4″ highly responsive capacitive LCD touch screen.
  • Complies with the American & European disability access standards
  • High speed & quality printing
  • Create up to 10 service categories with multiple customized workflows.

Ticket Dispenser

  • Dual-Printer for continuous ticket dispensing.
  • 15″ highly responsive resistive LCD touch screen.
  • Card and Barcode Reader (Optional) can be added.
  • Unlimited service categories with multiple customized workflows.
  • Easily configurable with TCP/IP Interface.
  • Idle time advertising options.

Ticket Dispenser

  • Dual-Printer for continuous ticket dispensing.
  • 17″ highly responsive capacitive LCD touch screen.
  • Card and Barcode Reader (Optional) can be added.
  • LED Light Indicator in ticket and card reader slots.
  • Unlimited service categories with multiple customized workflows.
  • Easily configurable with TCP/IP Interface.
  • Idle time advertising options.

Customer Feedback Kiosk

  • 17″ highly responsive capacitive
  • LCD touch screen
  • Unlimited Branding Options.
  • Unlimited questions with multiple customized workflows.
  • Idle time advertising options.

Queue Displays

We have an assortment of various queue displays to suit the needs of our clients. Whether you want to have a queue display in your waiting lobby to inform your customers of their turn, or want counter display units at your counters, we can do it all for you. Our queuing displays will ensure that your customers don’t miss their turn and make your service areas more organized and systematic.

Queue Informational Donatello LCD

  • Donatello media player converts any size LCD into a dynamic content screen.
  • Create futuristic content in an interactive, engaging, and creative environment.
  • Convey information about products and services, engage customers and deliver an unsurpassed customer experience.

Wire/Wireless Counter Display Unit

  • Multilingual Characters.
  • Four Characters Ticket Denomination.
  • Customized messages during idle-time.
  • Wireless (Optional).
  • White Digits (Optional).

Status of The Queue LED Matrix Display

  • Compact 19” Display
  • Red, Green and Amber colors.
  • Resolution of 32 (H) x 64 (W) dots.

Queue Informational Display LCD

  • Compact 19” HD LCD
  • Queue information such as tickets in wait and waiting time.

Customer Calling

Apart from queuing displays, we also offer customer calling technology to enable your tellers to announce the next turns. Customers can miss their turns if they don’t view the queuing displays; thus we offer customer calling systems that provide additional support to streamline queues at service areas.

Teller Station Calling Application

  • Customer Information Integration (Optional)
  • Customizable Theme of Interface
  • Works with Thin-Client Architecture.

Teller Station Calling Unit

  • Stand alone unit (desktop PC is not required).

Teller Station Calling Tablet

  • Customer Information Integration ( Optional )
  • Customizable Theme of Interface
  • Works with Thin-Client Architecture.
  • Next, Repeat, Random Call, Local Wait, No Show,  Auto-Next.
  • Sub-Categories Selection
  • User, Category and Counter Transfer.
  • Portable and also works on Wi-Fi

Announcement Speakers

  • Chime and/or Voice announcement.
  • English, Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic,Hindi/Urdu (Other Languages Optional).
  • Resolution of 32 (H) x 64 (W) dots.

Business Intelligence Reports

Wavetec’s live reporting system and live manager dashboards are integrated with the different facets of queue management system thus they form a complete business intelligence module.

Our reporting system is a complete enterprise solution that is capable of extracting comprehensive insights in terms of customer flows, staff performance, service area efficiency etc. Managers can view region and branch reporting from a centralized location making sure that all service levels are met. Wavetec’s live dashboards can be used to generate business intelligence data to monitor center-wide service quality and root out discrepancies.

Reporting & Management Portal


Real-Time Monitoring Dashboards.
Over 50 Historical Reports such as :

-Service Quality Levels
-Employee Performance
-Branch & Region Performance
-Time Attendance
Central Configuration and Management of the System.
Multilingual (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, (Other Languages Optional)

Other Peripheral Devices

Our peripheral devices serve to ensure that your queue management system runs flawlessly, and provide your staff with effective control to manage the work flows. The peripheral devices play an important role in communicating the queuing status so that your customers never miss their turn.


  • Active controller- Brain of the entire Queue Management System
    Industrial Grade Linux Based Server.
  • Local Configuration and Database of the branch.
  • In-Built Audio Amplifier.

Status of The Queue LED Matrix Lines

  • Adjustable Number of DisplayLines (From 1 to 5).
  • Red, Green and Amber colors.
  • Resolution of 16 (H) x 64 (W) dots.

Download our Queue Management Brochure to learn more.

We are specialists in queue management and have the expertise to transform your frenzied service areas into smartly designed modules to streamline your customer flows and help you manage your queues efficiently.


Mobile Queuing App

“Mobile-Q” our mobile queueing application aims to eliminate physical lines and crowed waiting areas. With Wavetec’s mobile technology, customers can join the queue and get directions even before they arrive.

  • Choose a branch and take a ticket on the go!
  • More opportunities to create cross-channel experiences.
  • Integration with the existing tools and platforms like Mobile Banking.
  • Personalized and targeted messages for users.
  • Better use of resources and physical space assigned to waiting areas.

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