Cashless Payments for All!

Meet Azimut’s Reverse ATM Kiosk

Enable customers to instantly convert their cash into a prepaid debit card.

Reverse ATM
Reverse ATM
Reverse ATM

Going Cashless During the Pandemic

Many businesses and merchants decided to or were mandated to go cashless during the ongoing health crisis because physical currency proved to be a very easy way to spread the virus as it exchanged hands.

Both sellers and buyers suffered, as many individuals all over the globe are still unbanked or underbanked which means they don’t have a debit/credit card or access to a mobile wallet. This alienated a good amount of people from being able to purchase goods and services from cashless only vendors.

This frustration birthed the idea of the Reverse ATM, a freestanding kiosk that allows customers to convert their physical currency notes into a prepaid, active EMV card. Here at Azimut, we were all in on this idea and pioneered one of the first deployments of these kiosks in a sports stadium in Toronto.

Cash to Card within 60 Seconds

Our kiosk helps customers go from cash to card in 3 painfully easy steps.

  1. Insert desired amount of cash into the machine
  2. Receive active EMV card with exact amount inserted
  3. Start spending!

The kiosks are equipped with large 40” touchscreens that run a very easy-to-navigate UI which helps you go from cash to card with three taps of your fingertip and the whole transaction takes just one minute.

Reverse ATM

The Blue Jays go Cashless!

Rogers Centre, home to the Toronto Blue Jays, invested in a host of Reverse ATMs to facilitate public health safety by implementing a ‘cashless transactions only’ policy in the wake of the public health crisis.

Reverse ATM
Reverse ATM

Tested Security

The cards dispensed by the Reverse ATMs share the same security features as any other VISA or Mastercard. This means that these cards adhere to the same security and payment standards as any EMV card provided by your bank. This also means that the cards will be widely accepted by merchants all over the world.

Use Cases

Large public venues are mandating the use of contactless and cashless payments in the wake of the recent global health crisis.While helping curb the spread of the virus, this decision will fast track the adoption and use of digital payments as well. Reverse ATMs are the perfect solution to help facilitate this transition towards a cashless future.

Reverse ATM

Sports Stadiums

Reverse ATM

Shopping Malls

Reverse ATM

Educational Institutes

Reverse ATM

Department Stores

Move Beyond Sales

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Reverse ATM
Reverse ATM

Early Empirical Analysis. Covid-19 Impact on Self Service

We have wide ranging expertise in equipping service areas in banks, hospitals, pharmacies, government organizations, supermarkets and retail stores. Our self service solutions help empower you to take a step further in delivering seamless customer experiences.