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People Counting – How it Works

People counting with 98% accuracy!

It is a suite of technological initiatives that can measure, optimize & manage occupany limits during COVID 19.

People Counting - How it Works

Prioritize Customer Safety and Ensure Business Continuity

People Counting - How it Works

SafeQ is a quick and effortless way to detect and monitor occupancy, allowing you to utilize space more efficiently while improving customer experiences.

How Does People Counting Work?

People counting, also known as footfall counting, visitor counting, customer counting or door counting, is achieved using 3D imaging technology. This is state-of-the-art image quality, effective even in low-light sensitivity and extremely low latency.

People Counting - How it Works

Optimize Business Operation
in 4 Simple Steps

Help your business grow with a global industry-leading solution provider

People Counting - How it Works

Install people counting device

People Counting - How it Works

Configure device at entrance & exit points

People Counting - How it Works

Collect count data

People Counting - How it Works

Collected data is analyzed and presented via dashboards and reports

People Counting - How it Works

Why Choose Wavetec?

We have wide-ranging expertise in outfitting service areas at banks, hospitals, pharmacies, government organizations, supermarkets and retail stores. SafeQ helps to empower you in delivering seamless customer experiences.

More Than Two Million Happy Customers

Globally more than 2 million people pass through our customer
experience solutions, daily


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