Wavetec strikes an impression with Sales and Innovation Conference 2015

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July 27, 2015
Wavetec prepared to make a mark in CLAB Miami 2015
August 17, 2015

Wavetec held its three day annual Sales And Innovation Conference from 4th to 6th August in Dubai at the HYATT Regency – Dubai Creek Heights. The sales conference was organized to instill passion and energy in employees, and motivate them to explore new avenues by expanding the horizons and footprint of Wavetec.

Delegates of more than 10 nationalities, from different regions gathered at Dubai with the commitment to learn, inspire, share experiences, and define Wavetec’s future. The three day conference was designed with an agenda to align all regions to the global strategy, address emerging Sales challenges, and motivate individuals to reach the overarching corporate goals. The conference comprised of various presentation sessions, interactive discussions and product demonstrations.

“During 2014 and Mid-term of 2015 Wavetec made great strides towards our vision for the Group’s future.” Said Mr. Tobias Deputy CEO Wavetec Group. “Our two business units, Customer Experience Solutions and Financial Market Displays have made progress in building a sustainable growth model which will enhance our capabilities to increase profits.” Tobias added.

The Conference included key note presentations that shed light on the product development technologies that Wavetec is investing in, and the products it intends to launch into the market. The discussions were inclined towards latest trends in programming, user interfaces, product development and product marketability.

“Customer Care and Innovation are the heart & soul of our business and that has been the main contributor for success.”  Said Mr. Fraz CEO Wavetec Group. “Every team member needs to have a truly Customer-Centric approach and become a “Customer focused Innovator” Fraz added.

The Conference ended off at a pleasant note with the Product Festival where all of Wavetec’s products were showcased so that different regions could interact with Wavetec’s diverse customer experience solutions, and see how they are applicable for diverse industries.