Wavetec raised its mark as Innovator by opening its Innovation Lab in Santiago, Chile

WAVETEC holds Annual Sales & Innovation Conference 2014
September 8, 2014
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September 26, 2014

SANTIAGO — Wavetec has recently opened its new Innovation Lab in Santiago, Chile. This center is our commitment to provide the best solutions to our clients, adding value in every stage of the customer experience. Chile is one of the most significant business hubs in the region and the reason for expending our reach in this region is the increasing demand for its customer service solutions.

One of our expansion priorities is that we aim to raise our presence in the Latin-America as it has witnessed strong and rapid growth, low inflation and improved economics. Moreover, expansion in this region also promotes an entrepreneurship ecosystem that results in generation of new start-ups. As a rapidly growing organization, Wavetec is facilitating all its valued clients globally and had plans to further expand its reach geographically. Wavetec has offices in Dubai, Nairobi, London, Lima, Riyadh and Santiago as well.

Wavetec raised its benchmark with the opening of Chile Innovation Lab after our successful emergence in the South American Region with projects like Interbank, BCI Bank, Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago, Bolsa de Valores de Lima, Codelco, TVN Chile, Chilexpress, Euroamerica, Groupo Digital and Cordoba Stadium.

José Fernández Portal, who is working in the capacity of Chief Innovation Officer at Wavetec explains:

“With our innovation lab in Santiago, we want to incorporate our investment in the Latin American market. In this center we are more focused towards leading innovation activities, setting goals to derive revenue from innovation, grasping new business opportunities, and strategic partnerships and to get the technology and our other innovation activities aligned. This is our long term objective which will help us deliver valuable services to our customers.”

Chile definitely promises to provide immense returns to investors as it finds grounds of hope, aspiration in enhancing economic competitiveness in the country. Hence Chile is on the urge to build itself as an international hub of innovation in Latin America and the world over the next decade.