The biggest hospital in Al-Najaf, Iraq relies on Wavetec’s Queue Management System

High Footfall at Adamjee Insurance Company being managed by Wavetec
May 28, 2012
Wavetec provides the only Queue Management System in Maldives to Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)
June 18, 2012

Al-Zahra’a is the largest hospital in Al-Najaf, Iraq with six broad operating sections providing various health care services to the patients. Providing Queue Management Solution to one of the busiest sections of the Hospital was a challenge for the Wavetec team. The top end solution provided by Wavetec in the Women & Children Section is designed to cater more then 400 visitors a day. With such a high range of patient footfall, the reliability of resolving the patient flow could have been ensured only through optimum solutions.

The diverse and complex nature of the challenges in this section are being well overcome by our unique high end queuing system which comprises of 5 Counters Display Units, 5 Hard Teller Station Units and two serving categories for each. There is an assigned doctor for each counter that deals with the respective patients related to his specific disease.

This installation shall serve as the first one out of the three hospitals and four sections in each of the hospital. The other two hospitals are located in Baghdad and Karbala respectively.

Hassan Zaitouna Business Development Manager says, “After thoroughly understanding the patient flow we have provided a highly reliable solution that caters the complex and unique challenges of the busiest hospital across Iraq. We are very keen to provide the same high end solution for the upcoming new installations in Al-Zahra’a Hospital in Baghdad and Karbala“