Learn how you can Redefine Innovation at Service Areas

Wavetec Opens new office in Barcelona, Europe’s Innovation HotSpot
November 28, 2014
Wavetec partners with a Finland based company MUODOT
January 7, 2015

Wavetec’s latest edition of whitepaper is more concentrated towards Wavetec approach that focuses on designing and managing service areas. The theme of whitepaper revolves around the methodology which is comprised of different stages that emphasize on driving and implementing changes that become evident through customer’s experience quality improvement.

Wavetec has over 25 years of wide experience in providing solutions to retailers, and public organizations. Being leaders in this domain we strongly believe that Design Thinking plays a crucial role for companies to assist their customers in efforts to “maximize the experience” at service areas. Taking this into account, we have developed Wavetec’s Design Scheme, a unique working methodology for the service areas which is executed by professional experts in service area design, anthropology, technology, and retailing processes who also advise customers as to how to develop, implement, and escalate innovative proposals.

The method presented in this whitepaper is Wavetec’s scheme for assisting many companies undergoing service area management issues. The ability to contemplate all the variables that converge at the space configuration results in efficient results, which enables the implementation of a clear strategy to cater for all aspects involved in service experience and to get aligned with organizational results. Bottom line: An organization with design thinking drives innovation and business growth.