Khartoum Stock Exchange relies on Wavetec’s Financial Display technology to enhance its trading

Bahrain Bourse Selects Wavetec to provide financial display technology
October 14, 2011
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January 27, 2012

The Khartoum Stock Exchange, with Wavetec’s help implemented, a long awaited, Electronic Trading System. This technology will start a new era for the Stock Exchange moving ahead from scribbling stock prices on white boards.

With 3 LED based display walls, an LED Ticker, and the automated updating of the stock prices the Khartoum Stock Exchange has now entered the era of modern trading. This increases the transparency of all transactions and promotes public dissemination of information.
This upgrade will help disseminating stock information to other mediums like brokerage houses or regional stock exchanges. This progress has opened up new doors for the Stock exchange which is rapidly attracting more and more investors.

The Khartoum Stock Exchange now has 120 companies listed and a live feed updates the stock prices of all the companies on a real time basis. This has made it very easy for the traders to speed up their transaction time based on current stock prices.

“Wavetec has been involved in projects which promote transparency and information dissemination around the world. We are grateful to be the technology partners of the Khartoum Stock Exchange. We have been providing display solutions to the financial markets around the globe for more than 20 years. We understand what is required and the sophistication of the technology involved in a display solution for a stock exchange. We are looking forward at some new projects with the Khartoum Stock Exchange and are hoping to make our relationship with them a long lasting one.” – Sadiq Hasan, GM Africa.

After analyzing the benefits of Wavetec’s Financial Display Solution, Khartoum Stock Exchange has requested Wavetec to design and implement an outdoor display solution. This solution would comprise of a Full-Color LED display wall and a Full-Color LED Ticker. This enhancement will help Khartoum Stock Exchange to create a landmark and a positive investor sentiment.