Interbank selects Wavetec technology for innovation in its service areas

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May 22, 2014
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June 13, 2014

Interbank, one of the most important financial institutions in Peru, chose Wavetec’s technological solutions for the development of the Interbank Explora project, which includes the renovation and improvement of the service areas in more than 100 branches throughout the country.
Interbank Queue Management System Wavetec

Interbank chose Wavetec as a technological ally for the implementation of a centralized system including the installation of customized kiosks, Donatello’s digital signage solution for the announcements on LCD displays, and the eQ Portal application for complete management of the system and gathering of key performance indicators.

The main goal of this change was to build a new banking experience that brought together the company to its customers, in a collaborative and friendly environment that breaks the traditional view of the customers regarding banks. This new banking service model is already implemented in over 100 Interbank branches.