Auction Holdings Limited strengthens trading by signing up with Wavetec’s LED Information Display Boards

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April 8, 2013
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April 22, 2013

Arab Federation of Exchanges Conference in Muscat held on 3rd – 4th March, 2013 at Grand Hyatt Hotel, was a unique forum which gathered an audience of nearly 350 distinguished guests. It was an opening call to engage with passion and creativity, in honest dialogue and reflection on the future of Stock Exchanges and to create fair and transparent environment. This would in turn mitigate obstructions in trading securities and attain harmony in laws and regulations governing the Arab capital markets along with the adoption of the latest technology.

The Solution:

Display systems can range from being very simple to highly complex, but at Wavetec each display project is equally important. Our flagship LED product range is segmented into Walls (large screens) and Tickers (Content Scrollers) for Indoor and Outdoor environments.

AHCX Malawi has chosen Wavetec’s turnkey solution because of its track record with 20 plus stock, market and commodity exchanges in all over Middle East and Africa. Their selection includes Indoor and Outdoor Walls along with ticker which helps them in disseminating information which will integrate with clients system and show immediate trend and market information instantaneously all over the country. This not only helps in giving better prices to the farmers who initially had no clarity on the selling rate but also ensure that the buyer incurs no loss. The outdoor displays in rural areas will have added GSM Modem option and will be backed up with an Asynchronous Control System. Further to this, Wavetec’s Information Display Solution will assist AHCX Malawi in offering farmers and produce buyers access to a wider market information and competitive prices making them one of the most modern and technically efficient exchanges across the world. This will also help in creating market awareness for future market trading.

AHCX after rigorous tendering process selected Wavetec display walls and tickers:

  • 15 Outdoor display walls (External displays)
  • Indoor display walls (internal Displays)
  • Outdoor Tickers (External Scrolling Displays External)
  • Indoor Tickers (Internal Scrolling Displays External)
  • Trading floor display
  • Multicolor LED/LCD Displays(42” )Professional LCD

Wavetec has provided Auction Holding Limited with a turnkey one window solution where our display systems share information on real time basis and provide the freedom and ability to create a dynamic, media rich environment at any location.