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Ticket Dispenser Machine: A Guide for Operational Efficiency


Numbered tickets from ticket dispensers

In this blog: Develop an understanding of what Take a Number System is, the various types of ticker dispensing machines, and explore their various advantages.

Introduction to Take a Number System

The Take a Number System is a highly efficient and customer-friendly ticketing solution, revolutionizing the way queues are managed in various service-oriented organizations. By providing customers with a unique number, this system not only offers a sense of order and fairness but also enables them to have a better understanding of their position in the queue and the approximate waiting time.

How Does Take a Number System Work?

How does take a number system work?


Take a number system involves the use of ticket dispenser machines and operates in the following way:

Visitors Are Greeted By Ticket Dispenser Machine Placed At the Entrance:

How does take a number system work?


A ticket dispensing machine typically consists of a user-friendly interface with buttons, a display screen, and a ticket printer. Ideally, this machine is located at the entrance of the service center.

Ticket Generation:

Please take a number and print your ticket


When a customer arrives, they approach the ticket dispenser machine. The customer interacts with the machine by pressing a button corresponding to their desired service or selecting the appropriate service category displayed on the screen. If any information is required, the visitors provide that information. This may include the customer’s contact number or email address.

The machine generates a unique ticket number for the customer. In some cases, the machine prints a physical ticket. In other cases, it sends a virtual ticket to the customer via text message or email.

Ticket Information:

please take a number


The ticket may include relevant customer information, such as the service category, estimated waiting time, or any specific instruction. This information helps customers understand their position in the queue and manage their time accordingly.

Queue Monitoring:

Monitor queues while waiting


Customers receive their tickets with a unique number on it. Then they proceed to the designated waiting area. As customers wait, they can monitor the queue via a digital display or even listen to the audio announcements. In some cases, customers can choose to receive updates regarding the queue and waiting time via text messages or email.

Customer Turn and Service:

Customers are served


Customers wait for their ticket number to be displayed or announced. When their number is called, they proceed to the designated service counter to receive assistance. Often various displays are placed in the service centers to serve the purpose of way-finders, enabling people to reach the designated service counter without any confusion.

Advantages of Take a Number System

Take a number system serves the purpose of organizing the customer influx. This benefits the organization in several ways, including the following:

Improved Customer Experience:

The Take a Number system significantly enhances the customer experience by providing a fair and organized queuing process. Customers no longer need to physically stand in line. This reduces stress and frustration and allows the customers to engage in other activities while waiting for their turn.

The improved waiting experience leads to higher customer satisfaction and a positive brand image for the organization. In the long term, this helps organizations foster customer loyalty, and thus, drive business growth.

Reduced Perceived Waiting Time:

One of the primary advantages of the Take a Number system is its ability to minimize the perceived waiting time for customers. By displaying the current ticket numbers being served and providing estimated waiting times, customers have a clear idea of how long they may need to wait. This transparency and information empower the customers, making the wait time feel shorter and more manageable.

Efficient Resource Allocation:

The system enables organizations to allocate their resources more effectively. By accurately tracking the number of customers in the queue, service providers can better manage staffing levels and counter assignments. They can allocate staff members to service counters based on real-time demand, ensuring optimal utilization of available resources and reducing idle time for staff.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

The Take a Number system streamlines operations by automating the queue management process. This reduces the burden on staff members, allowing them to focus on providing quality service instead of manual queue control. With increased efficiency, organizations can serve customers more promptly and handle a larger volume of customers, thereby maximizing productivity.

Improved Service Quality:

By implementing a take a Number system, organizations can deliver a higher level of service quality. Staff members have more time and attention to dedicate to each customer, resulting in personalized interactions and a greater ability to address individual needs. With reduced waiting times and a smoother customer flow, service providers can maintain a high standard of service and customer satisfaction.

Data Insights and Analytics:

The advanced take a Number systems offer data collection and analytics capabilities. Organizations can gather valuable data on customer traffic, peak hours, and average waiting times. These insights can be used to optimize staffing levels, improve service efficiency, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall customer experience.

Customization and Flexibility:

The top ticket dispenser providers offer customization, meeting the specific needs of different service centers. Whether it’s assigning multiple service categories, prioritizing certain customers, or integrating the system with existing technologies, organizations can adapt the system to align with their unique requirements. This flexibility ensures a tailored solution that addresses the specific challenges of each organization.

Wavetec Masters the Art of Ticket Dispensing

Wavetec is the leading manufacturer of secure self-service Take a Number, or ticket dispensers, that revolutionize the customer experience. Their systems are designed to optimize customer journeys, control crowds, and significantly reduce wait times. With decades of experience, expertise, and an innovative approach, they empower organizations to reinvent their customer service.

Wavetec’s Take a Number machines are built with a focus on security and adhere to the highest industry standards in data security, ensuring that customer data remains protected throughout the queuing process.

To further enhance the customer experience and optimize the customer flow, Wavetec’s ticket dispensers can be complemented with an array of innovative solutions, including the following:

Digital Signage Solutions:

Modern digital signage solutions are designed to captivate and engage customers while they wait. With vibrant displays and dynamic content, organizations can showcase promotional messages, important announcements, and entertaining visuals.

These digital signages serve as an effective communication tool, keeping customers informed about queue status, service updates, and relevant information.

These signages often also serve the crucial purpose of way-finders, enabling the customers to easily navigate their way to the designated service counter.

LED Screens:

LED screens are another valuable addition to our queue management solutions. These screens can be strategically placed throughout the premises to provide real-time updates on queue progress, display ticket numbers, and indicate which service counter customers should proceed to.

The clear and concise information presented on the LED screens helps customers stay informed and reduces confusion, enabling them to navigate the premises with ease.

Customer Feedback Solutions:

Capturing customer feedback is significant for improving the overall service quality. Our customer feedback solutions allow organizations to gather valuable insights directly from customers. These solutions can be integrated with our ticket dispenser machines, prompting customers to provide feedback after their service is complete.

This valuable feedback helps organizations identify areas for improvement, enhance customer satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations.

Types of Wavetec’s Ticket Dispensers

Wavetec offers a diverse range of ticket dispenser units to cater to different needs and environments. Here is an overview of the types of Wavetec’s ticket dispensers:

  1. Desktop Ticket Dispenser Unit

Take a Number Kiosks

  • Simple and compact design.
  • Features a highly responsive 10.1″ LCD capacitive touch screen.
  • Can be easily placed on desktops or mounted on walls.
  • Offers centralized ticket configuration and screen template design, with content scheduling capabilities.
  • Eco-friendly with low power consumption, resulting in cost-effective maintenance.
  1. Floor Standing M-18 Ticket Dispenser Kiosk

Ticket Dispenser Kiosk


  • Equipped with a 10.1″ highly responsive capacitive LCD touch screen.
  • Provides centralized ticket configuration and screen template design, with content scheduling capabilities.
  • Occupies minimal space within a facility due to its sleek design.
  • Environmentally friendly with low power consumption and low maintenance costs.
  1. Floor Standing M-13 Smart Self-Service Kiosk

Floor Standing M-13 Smart Self Service Kiosk

  • Designed for premium services.
  • Features a 17″ highly responsive capacitive LCD touch screen.
  • Incorporates dual printers, reducing downtime for paper roll replacement.
  • Offers ADA assistance features such as headphone support, Braille guidance, and button controls (optional).
  • Provides centralized ticket configuration and screen template design, with content scheduling capabilities.
  • Optional features like a barcode and an OCR reader can be added to the kiosk.
  • Environmentally friendly with low power consumption and low maintenance costs.
  1. Floor Standing F-19 Smart Self-Service Kiosk

Floor Standing F-19 Smart Self Service Kiosk


  • Features a 17″ highly responsive capacitive LCD touch screen.
  • Offers centralized ticket configuration and screen template design, with content scheduling capabilities.
  • Optional features like a barcode and an OCR reader can be added to the kiosk.
  • Environmentally friendly with low power consumption and low maintenance costs.

Transforming Customer Service with Ticket Dispensers

In today’s fast-paced world, ticket dispensers have emerged as a crucial tool for efficient queue management. As customer expectations rise, organizations strive to provide seamless experiences, and ticket dispensers play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. They not only optimize customer flow and reduce wait times but also enhance operational efficiency.

With the increasing reliance on smartphones and mobile technology, ticket generation on the go is becoming the need of time. This innovation would enable customers to manage their time effectively via their phones. Leading this innovation is Wavetec, a trailblazer in queue management solutions.

Wavetec’s advanced ticket dispenser machines combine cutting-edge technology, intuitive interfaces, and eco-friendly design to transform customer experiences and empower organizations. Experience the difference firsthand by booking a free demo with Wavetec today:


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