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Are Introverts More Likely to Consider Self Service?

In this blog: Learn why an introvert is more likely to use self service technology and how businesses can cater to them by implementing self service.

According to the Myers-Briggs organization, nearly 51% of the world’s population is introverted. This means that over half the population experiences some level of anxiety during social interactions. These social interactions aren’t limited to a specific group of people like friends or family, but extend to anybody and everybody.

Introverts struggle with and contemplate upon everyday interactions that you may not think twice about, like asking someone for a pen, pointing out someone’s mistake, interacting with service staff at gas stations or corner shops, and so on.

Gas station service interaction

The point is, this isn’t a learned behavior or some kind of condition, it is innate and majority of people possess this trait to some extent.

If you are drained by large social gatherings and prefer to invest time in a smaller group of close friends, you are an introvert. You choose your friends wisely and make very calculated decisions to plan your interactions to keep them at a minimum.

Introverts raise a concern for businesses that require some level of human interaction, businesses like restaurants, banks, telecoms, supermarkets, and so on. Essentially any business that sells services and has some level of people processing involved in the delivery of the service.

Innovations in Service Delivery

The exponential growth in technology gave us the ability to order food via an app and have it dropped off at our front door without the need for any kind of human interaction. Introverts were thrilled by this leap in service delivery technology.

ordering food online via an app

Online shopping is another monumental invention for introverts and extroverts alike because of lack of human interaction and the level of convenience. However, there are people who still prefer to physically inspect products before making a purchase decision.

Introverts are Important to Businesses

Introverts are a massive market, 51% of the population, and businesses cannot overlook that. Companies should do all they can to facilitate this expansive customer base by implementing policies and practices that better support them.

A simple deduction would also suggest that introverts prefer using self service technologies i.e. self-service kiosks, self ordering kiosks, self checkout systems, ATMs, CDMs, etc. When presented with the option, introverts will always choose that which requires the least social interaction.

Ordering Anxiety

Introverts tend to overthink a lot when it comes to in person transactions and some even suffer from varying degrees of ordering anxiety. What is ordering anxiety? It stems from a combination of performance anxiety and a fear of being judged. It comes naturally in those with higher levels of social anxieties.

This instills irrational fears in an introvert’s mind, they’re afraid of being judged for saying something wrong, or others around them disapproving of them for their choices.

One very common fear amongst those who suffer crippling social anxieties is not having enough cash for their transaction and holding up the queue behind them so what they do to avoid this is carry excessive amounts of cash for something as simple as buying a can of Coke in case prices somehow inflate by 500%.

Why do Introverts Prefer Self Service?

Well, it should be quite clear by now; self service technologies present some very obvious advantages for people who have a higher level of introversion.

Self service technologies allow introverts to skip any queues and mitigate anxieties associated with queueing and fears related to having a queue of people behind them.

Introverts can take their time and make their decision comfortably at a self service kiosk as opposed to at a cash counter communicating back and forth with a representative while more customers are queued up behind them.

Self service kiosks with touch screens present a similar experience to a smartphone or tablet which is just like ordering online or through an app. Familiar experiences are great for introverts as they aren’t as stress and anxiety inducing as new workflows that have to be learned.

How Can Businesses Help?

Introverts would much rather erase all forms of unnecessary social interaction from their day if they could. While this is almost impossible for most people who have to commute to work everyday and spend eight hours in an office with other people, certain workflows can still be automated to alleviate some anxieties.

The self service industry is mature enough to where many businesses can access it and take advantage of it. Some examples include banks, telecom operators, supermarkets, educational institutions and quick service restaurants(QSRs). These industries have the option to implement the use of self service kiosks to better facilitate introverts.


ATMs are already an introvert’s best friend, however other transactions like deposits still require a trip to the branch. Banks can install Cash Deposit Machines or CDMs to facilitate branchless cash and check deposits around the clock.

cash deposit at cdm

This will increase a bank’s customer base and give them a competitive edge over those who aren’t using self service kiosks.


SIM dispensing kiosks have recently started popping up all over the world. These self service kiosks help a customer register and dispense a new or replacement SIM card within two minutes.

They also offer a whole slew of other services as well like bill payments and mobile wallet services.

Quiosco dispensador SIM


This enables introverts to purchase SIM cards, subscribe to services, change their tariff and pay bills at their own pace without stress and anxiety looming over their heads.


Self checkout stations should be installed at all major supermarkets to facilitate shopping for introverts and others seeking a fast and convenient checkout as well. Self checkouts aisles at supermarkets are often empty, hence preferred by introverts.

supermarket self checkout system

Introverts are able to peacefully pay at their own pace with their chosen method of payment without the pressure of a long line behind them.

Educational Institutions

Most schools and colleges mandate that all students should have some form of student ID. Kids are reckless and often lose their cards or may be too introverted to go into the records department and ask for a new one.

Card issuance kiosks allow students to register and issue a card by entering their info and paying at a freestanding machine with a touch screen. This will save them a trip to the records department or administration and the stress of having to explain themselves.

Quick Service Restaurants

Last, but not least, QSRs should invest heavily in self service technology like self ordering kiosks and online ordering portals because this is where they could capture a huge market.

Introverts almost exclusively purchase food through self service options like kiosks or online orders. Even talking on a phone can be socially draining for an introvert.

Especially with the pandemic, these options should now become the norm because of the frequent lockdowns.

Self Service for All

The option of self service is available and beneficial for everyone, not just introverts. Although it does provide additional benefits and relief for introverts, self service may also be used by extroverts who are seeking convenience or are looking to perform a transaction outside office hours.

A Post Pandemic World

The recent pandemic showed us how unprepared we were; all businesses and government came to halt. It took months for the world to get back up and running with the help of remote working software and self service technologies and doesn’t look like we will be going back to our old ways; this is the new normal.

Businesses who didn’t adapt couldn’t endure the lockdowns and closures, and were forced to shut down. They couldn’t compete in a post pandemic world with their old ways.

Don’t let that be your fate, reach out to a self service solutions provider to see how they can help your business rise above the competition in today’s cut throat environment.

Azimut Self Service

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