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Best Timing for Getting Customer Feedback


Customer feedback is mostly associated with satisfaction or service quality surveys; however, this outlook emphasizes costs rather than the real benefits of knowing consumers’ opinions, so getting rid of past paradigms becomes the first step to take.  

Customers are a significant source of ideas, no complaints. It is the managers’ responsibility to get this fact across to the company’s staff. In other words, within the framework of customer feedback, companies should capitalize on customers’ opinions.

According to research, implementing new Customer feedback ideas impacts sales by 10%. Indeed, it also allows companies to improve relations with dissatisfied customers, as has happened at Debenhams (UK) which has recovered over 6,000 dissatisfied clients and customers through new attention service.

Once a clear picture of the importance of customer feedback is formed, the next step consists in identifying the organization’s benefits, which entails the following:

1) A strategy for clear objectives of data gathering.
2) An analysis of both platform’s availability and customers’ use.
3) Detailed identification of relevant performance indicators for subsequent analysis.
4) Assessment opportunities for solving problems and implementing corrective actions which may result from feedback processes.

Relevance of Real-Time Measuring

Data gathering is not an easy task. Only one out of twenty-seven dissatisfied customers will provide feedback, as revealed by the firm TARP. This means that very few customers are willing to share their opinions, so before considering actions to implement, creating the conditions for encouraging feedback provision becomes paramount.

The benefits of a feedback measuring system can be seen through the following factors:

1) Quick answering: real-time answers build a company’s positive perspective and minimize dissatisfaction.
2) Monitoring: ongoing communications after needs are met and inquiries are answered guarantee satisfaction and promote returning.
3) Spur to learning: visualization of weak customer support areas and processes, products presentations, and other factors may call for corrective actions.


Relevance of Real Time Measuring

Best Timing for Feedback Measuring in Different Touchpoints

Any interaction with customers is an opportunity to listen to what they have to say. To make this happen, it is necessary to create adequate conditions to encourage opinion sharing. New technological tools with great potential for maximizing feedback measuring have been added to the traditional customer support desks, information stands, and call centers as well.

In conclusion, the strategy selected must work hand in hand with technological tools in searching for the ideal options for measuring customer feedback.

This is possible as long as the company’s staff is fully committed and trained to make the most of the data collected for revamping answers and solutions to customers’ issues. Customer support is a highly valuable factor with a great potential for impacting business results.

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