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Digital Signage

Visual Information Sharing Solution 

A suite of rich media displays, informative LED visual, digital signage solutions and visitor guidance-oriented technological initiatives that can occupy and inform customers when they arrive, while they wait, as they approach the service area and after they have been served

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Donatello Digital Signage Solutions Are Designed To Drive Better Business Results

Wavetec offers a diverse spectrum of integrated, end-to-end and multi-purpose Donatello Digital Signage system that ranges from slim designed units to outdoor digital signage. Our smart digital signage solutions create bold and memorable experiences with your brand at key customer touch points. Interactive, robust and purposely designed solutions enable your business to engage customers at the right time with the right message, thereby creating personalized experiences.


Designed to augment
customer experiences

For over 27 years, Wavetec has been deploying and integrating the best digital signage solutions in businesses globally. Every signage application is different depending on the business and its brand strategy. Our digital signage software are custom designed to help you meet business objectives and goals.

We focus on attracting your customers with our sleek, high-impact digital signage commercial displays which can exhibit a variety of content, adding that extra value that other products can not provide. 


From initial diagnostics to integration, installation and support, our signage experts guide and support you in identifying the right signage solution and platform for making the desired impact with your content strategy.

Why Wavetec Donatello
Digital Signage?

Selecting the right digital signage partner has a direct impact on your business bottom-line. Our signage solutions combine the highest quality displays, signage players and software to offer unparalleled business performance and customer experience.

Maximize your multi-channel content strategy

Reduce perceived wait times by informing & engaging queuing customers

Create engaging & dynamic content to augment customer experience

Reach out & market to more customers by replacing static poster displays.

Attract attention to promotions & cross-sell/ up-sell in key locations.

Target customers more efficiently by scheduling & managing content in real time

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Digital Signage That Helps You Meet Your Business Goals


Clearer Corporate Communications

Share important company news and metrics with screens that connect to your social media and business data reports

Guaranteed Patient and Staff Safety

Deploy our solutions in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories to inform patients and visitors of SOPs, their place in the queue and additional facilities and services on offer

Educate, Inform and Guide students

Improve communications with students, parents and faculty with screens that exhibit information about school events, promotions and photos.

Set An Example

Government and public offices must set the standard for customer service, and this solution will help them cut staffing costs and streamline visitor flows.

Increase Retail Sales

Drive sales with screens that display your latest offerings, highlight your products, and promote your brand

Accommodate Increased Onboarding

Telecom providers face high foot traffic which can be both guided efficiently around the service area and kept up-to-date with new offers

Digital Signage Solutions

Distribute and manage targeted content through a network of interconnected signage devices


Media Player

Donatello is Wavetec’s dynamic digital signage player that allows businesses to create dynamic screen layouts and HD signage content.



Create an array of brilliant and creative media experiences with Wavetec’s free-standing, large format display - Vertica. Powered by Donatello, this is a state-of-the-art solution



This solution allows you to create, centrally manage and distribute targeted content to a network of interconnected signage players in real-time

Have a larger

Large digital signage projects can be hard to manage, but we’re here to help make things easier:

  • Hardware partners
  • Content strategy assistance
  • On demand training
  • Extended 3 month pilot
  • Enterprise features
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What is digital signage?

Digital signage uses electronic displays to show multimedia content for advertising or information, commonly found in public spaces like stores, restaurants, and transit hubs.

How to use digital signage?

1. Choose the Right Hardware: Select suitable displays (LCD, LED, or projection screens) and media players for your needs. 2. Create Engaging Content: Design visually appealing and relevant multimedia content tailored to your target audience. 3. Install the Signage: Place your digital signage displays in high-traffic areas for maximum visibility.

How does digital signage work?

Digital signage works through a combination of hardware and software to display multimedia content. 1. Hardware Components: Displays (LCD, LED, or projection screens) Media players to store and play content Connectivity (cables or wireless links). 2. Media Playback: Media players use software to display scheduled content on screens. Network Connectivity: Internet or local network connections allow for content updates and remote monitoring. 3. Monitoring and Analytics: Users can monitor performance and use analytics tools to track engagement and effectiveness.